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First Grow - Mixed Strains - SuperCheese -BigBang2 Chronic Afghani Skunk Super Ice GF

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DARKSIDE D's first grow, I am seriously looking forward to xmas now

Im doing this diary a bit late considering I'm about halfway but as it just getting interesting up in there I thought I might aswell do one. Here's the Beans popped 100% germination just culled one plant early 21 left.
~Mixed Strains-SuperCheesex5~BigBang2x4~Chronicx5~Afghanie Skunk4~SuperIceG.Fruitx2~Lemon Hazex1

Room Environment & Nutrients
~11L Pots AllMix/Leavington/Pearlite 33%/33%/33% all sat on big green plastic plates from £land
~BioGrow & Bloom/Heaven/TopMax handwatered
~Groom 2.0m x 2.2m x 2.4m(h)
~600w HPS in Supernova 400w HPS in Eurowing 400w MH in Eurowing & 125 CFL hung vertically
~8"RVK/8"Rhino/8"Silencer/8"AccDucting thru brick vent to outside 4"RVK intake frm outsidethruYpipe&ducting
~SMS TwinFan controller
~16" Oscillating fan
~Walls with double viscquine black & white
~Daytime 26-28deg Nightime 18deg (have not been measuring RH-first thing when I get some cash)
~Ph always 7.0 after nutes added 7.5 before

I have had them under a 125w CFL as seedlings after popping from root riots, potted up twice using the mix above,it seems to be going alright no issues with drainage infact Im pleased with the mix i made it myself. They graduated into the bigger room and lights @ week 2 and have been there for the last 6 an a bit weeks, I ve made a few stupid mistakes but nothing fatally dumb. I have to have little stickers on the nute bottles saying "shake".
Its getting interesting in there now, they have all topped out an its no surpise theres many diff sizes shortest a bushy 26" an tallest a 45"er an thats supercropped the skinny beast finally ran out of legs. Its all about the frosty ness of my buds and seeing them fatten up atm, its hard to describe the satisfaction, Im getting older now and dont get too much to be excited about generally, but these have made my whole damn year seem awhole lot more pleasing then before, trust me on that.
Ive never been a keen gardener I dont think Im even a really good one yet but Ive learned stuff that just would not interest me before so thats all good.
Everyday the first thing its almost a ritual, coffee, spliff & valium straight to the room no messing its a like one of those things that you completely forget about cause your half asleep then lovely feeling dawns the second I think of them, thats no hippie shit Im as far from any campsite as you can get.
I am going to work out how to post pictures on my thread for my next update. Ez DD

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Re: First Grow - Mixed Strains - SuperCheese -BigBang2 Chronic Afghani Skunk Super Ic

Ok Im now at Week9 Day3-4 something like that and everytime I move them atm they absolutly skink, I try my best not to move them unless nessceary but when I do it smell well good, a nice mixture of skunkyness. Thanks for everyone for dropping by an have a look at my efforts, cause I have put some work into these no doubt. Probably just because of all the learning Im having to do on the go but its actually interesting so I get right into it, Ive actually spent 10 out of the 12 hours in there the other day, the gf was not amused still I got to look after these ladies right all of em.. The green ones are more compliant.lol
The "Chronic"s are going to be grades of the highest order, the afghanie skunk has surprised me with yeild but I can tell wont be a great smoke, the Big Bang out of 5 plants only 2 are really nice an frosty headed beauties the other 3 are trying their best, the "SuperCheese" has 3 different phenos from 4 diff plants each 2 of them skink stilton style, the others nice dense buds but not the pungent smell? The rest are all exceeding my beginners hopes but I understood some basics beforehand but what I have taught myself in the last 9-10 weeks is more then in the last 2 years! Im loving it and am now stuck in a dilema pertual grow or chop and set up in a couple months?
Who knows Ill see. The why this Chronic is looking mind I think the decision has already been sub-consiously made. E.Z
Right Canopy:
Middle Canopy:

Left Canopy:


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Re: First Grow - Mixed Strains - SuperCheese -BigBang2 Chronic Afghani Skunk Super Ic

How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :1:

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.