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First Grow - Need Support - Over Watering?


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Hi guys, I recently started growing my plant and I've noticed that the leaves have started to 'bow' down (see images below) and the plant doesn't seem to be getting any taller or the leaves growing anymore/as quickly.

I believe it's because I accidently overwatered as the soil was too moist and it's been about 2 days now.

I carefully transplanted the plant into drier soil this morning, keeping some of the moist soil around the roots so it still has some water...

Paranoid that the plant isn't going to grow properly/anymore and die and would really like some support.

My setup: (if you require information about it)

* PC case growbox
* Coco-Soil
* LED 12W Bulb (emits approx 38.000-42.000 Lux & colour of 3500-4200k)
* (x2) 5V 16" Fan (RPM: 1500 +/- 10%, Airflow / CFM: 20 )
* Mylar interior


more images:

*Sidenote: if you're wondering why the second leaf is slightly curlier/smaller it's because it got stuck underneath the seed shell and didn't pop out straight away whilst sprouting.

*aswell as apologies for being a noob at growing
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cheers for your help mate but sadly this is an old thread I had made and im unsure how to remove it... the new thread has became my grow journal if you wish to follow - she's doing really well now though and is recovering nicely :) just has a few scared leaves unfortunatly
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