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First Grow - OG Kush Auto - Lady with no leaves?


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So im currently on day 6 (planted without prior germ) of my first grow - a Nirvana Seeds OG Kush Autoflower under a 300w CFL. The lady has sprouted and is maybe a inch high however there's no leaves to speak of as of yet! Just curious as to whether anybody else has experienced this issue and if so how to remedy/avoid it in future?

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Edit: Just realised my post wasn't in the correct format for this forum, my apologies. Help appreciated regardless!
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I recently had a seed sprout where the root came through the soil and started growing upwards, didn't think it was possible. This might be the same thing? Although yours looks a bit too green. I dug mine up very carefully with a clean paintbrush and re-planted the right way up. It looked a bit sickly at first but came round after a few days.
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