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First grow: OG kush (the begining)


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strain: OG kush (Indica)
stage: veg (17on/7off)
Veg. length: 4 days since date of purchase
where: Indoor
In: soil
mix: organic potting soil with natural fertilizers
pot size: 2 gallon
Light: 100watt cfl @ 1in from plant
temp of room: averages about 75f
Pests: none (but there is wilting on the edges most likley due to the 2 days with minimal sunlight and being in a plastic cup with no nutrient soil.
Water: every other day (but i dont know if i put enough... i pour about an arrow head bottle (.5L) only becuase its had very low water.. but now i don't know how much to put)
Fertilizer: Fox Farm grow big at every other water in a very diluted form to test.

no camera currently, but im only growing one clone, the size is probably about 15-16 in tall but with minimal foliage, although new growth is coming in at the nodes. so at least i know its growin.

this is a first grow, im not lookin for a huge yeild, just tryin to see what medicating is like with something you helped grow :smokin:

i'll put up pics but for now, any comments about ferts i should use... or lighting improvements... i currently aint got no money to sped on lights or pretty much most anything... so please no high priced advice... simple stuff only... im tryin to build my knowledge so that one day i might grow some excellent bud



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thanks... i dont think i will have to much of a problem growin... but i know nothing about harvest... and what to/when to...
all that jazz...


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not really related to the journal at all but, i wanted to keep track of watering and nutes in the first post, but i cant edit to add or change anything... dunno why... cant edit any of my post really... which is odd..

no edit button...

currently my plant is sitting in the corner of the room blocked by a closet door and dresser. the walls and door are white, so they reflect the light (that is clamped to an extended tripod) and then the dresser is a wood finish that reflects a little... but i was contemplating building a box and lining it with security blankets... or just leaving it be...



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no idea... if it is...

imma lucky s.o.b.

but they had it in my local dispensary...
i feel i over paid.... but its a learning experience. and i wanted a plant that at least looked like it would live.

i think i need a mist spray bottle though and reflective stuff all around to promote horozonatal growth...

all in all though... im doing the newb thing of over thinking the first grow...

btw: what is LST? SCROG? imma look it up on my own, just promoting convo.


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w00t gonna go take a celebratory hit for learning.

but yeah... anyone think the reflector thing is an issue? or its gonna fill out fine?

cause i feel like i should have like ... 8 lights on it and be pouring 5 different nutes in small ammounts into a big tub of water...


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are you sure thats a 100w ?
Looks like 20 or so ... Maybe you can top that plant and clone the top part and try to have a bushy clone ... Pls add some light and once again good luck to you
some green ++ mojo for luck!
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