First Grow Pineapple Express


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Ok so I'm going to be growing Pineapple Express (Fem seeds thought it would be best to go with Fem seeds to cut back on males more ladys lol!) in the next few weeks as soon as the beans get here.

Working on my grow set up right now here's what im going to be useing

1 400watt hps
4'x4'x6' grow tent
Fox Farm Grow Big
Tiger Bloom

I need some more info on nuts anyone who can help would be great

Don't know if this is the real deal on the Pineapple Express but here is the link to where I found them. Limted Stock so thought I would grab a pack before they run out just to see.

Pineapple Express cannabis seeds

Oh yeah hope its the real deal keeping my fingers crossed
Any input on stuff that can be added to my tent would help out alot.


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Oh yeah this will be a soil grow just starting out not ready for hydro yet
seed bank says its the real deal only time will tell

lol watched the movie again funny as hell dale buys a quarter and gets like
a 1 gram nug. shit if that was me i would of moved in with sol all he wanted
the whole movie was to be dale's bestfriend damn wish i had dealers like that
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yeah I was planing on useing FF grow big for veg

No hydro store near by so working with whatever I can find
Been looking around at soils nothing really good so thinking about mixing up my own going to play around with different mixes till I get the drainage and Ph levels that I need.


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Sorry about no update in a while.
Just got my Pineapple Express seeds
Re: First Grow Pineapple Express :Smoke4Life
Let me know how long it takes you to get your seeds because I am ordering some from the same place tomorrow.... And good luck on your grow I'll be watching this one.
Smoke it says it takes 21 days on their site but got mine in 9 days so you should be getting yours here soon.

Here are the seeds im gonna germ
1 Pineapple Express Fem.
1 Pure Gold Fem. (free seed)
1 Bag seed (hopeing for something good here)

Growing under 400watt hps decided to go with this one because can't do both MH and HPS $$$$ issuses So stuck with the hps for nice tight dense buds.


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why only 3 seeds? didnt you buy a pack of 5? you never know what could happen, I would germ them all if i were you.


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why only 3 seeds? didnt you buy a pack of 5? you never know what could happen, I would germ them all if i were you.

Very true but got limited space. I know my light can handle all of them
but this is my first real grow so its pretty much a test run so i can see
how i wanna grow and whats gonna work best for me.

Hey never know all could go great and might get some good clones (lol save seeds for later)
But I always plan for the worst so im ready for anything to happen.


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ok quick update

PE. 3 days old

Bag Seed 1 week

sorry cell pics cam is messed up right now
still waiting on Thai skunk and other PE to pop out they have nice long tap roots just takeing forever to sprout.


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lol almost forgot Pure Gold didnt make it dog got to it
so germed another PE and the Thai skunk

Damn dog loves to eat my bud

Question on when to start feeding them i was thinking about week 3 on starting with 1/4 nuts and slowly moving up every week? will this work.
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