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First grow plan


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For my first grow I decided to get 10 THC Bombs for the huge yield and I heard it's a good beginner plant but I'm only going to grow one seed. I'm growing outdoors in ground I'm going to use this water only soil Kind Soil because knowing nutrients is honestly really complicated, if any of you guys know a better premade super soil please let me know. I want to grow at the least 1 pound so how much soil should I purchase and how big should my hole be. And when should I start to germinate my seed I'm in NJ


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I would go with a hole in the ground 3ft×3ft by maybe 1 and a half deep. As for when to put outside I think around june 1st. Just look around here in the outdoor section you will find a lot of info .

"carpe diem"


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I don't think I've ever used any nutirients that we're so complicated that a second read of the directions didn't clarify things.
If I was you I'd get at least one of the 50# sizes and dig it deep

Used to be a saying if you want a two dollar tree use 20 dollars worth it dirt is something like that lol

Prob 100 dollar tree 1000 worth of soil

The plant will try to be as big underground as it is above

If you have to dig it like a deep V

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You can do any of those. More soil more plant . Rootball size determines plant size the further the roots can stretch the larger the plant

"carpe diem" and grow to your hearts content
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