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First grow, poor quality pics, please take a look

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Greetings. This is my first hydro grow and am such a noob. I know the pics are awful, just have phone cam but will invest in good digicam soon.
Fem Bianaca, about 5 weeks from seed (ya, failed to keep notes too. Lesson learned.) In a SuperCloset LED Deluxe on 18/6 light, 5.8ph. Used nutes that came with closet (Root 66 & Sugar Daddy) for rooting after germ. Now in cocktail of BC Boost, BC Grow, Thrive Alive Red, Magical & Sugar Daddy. Equipment cleaned & water changed every 7 days.
I know they look yellow in some pics, I think it's too much flash because they are deep green when not under the purple LEDs.
My questions are:
Do they look spindly legged to you guys? I'm concerned as they are dense up top. Also, they have 3 or 4 true nodes it looks like so how many more or how tall should they be for topping?
Thanks for any advice, comments, constructive criticism.
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Thanks Spark. So much to learn.
Discovered some root rot the day before yesterday though. Got good advice from Kola320 yesterday about peroxide soak for roots and already showing dramatic improvement today. Before & after pics in gallery). Sanitized everything and covered the top so no more light going in to feed algae stuff.
Think the grrrls and I are all feeling a bit better today :volcano-smiley:
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Thanks cajuncelt. I have adjusted water to 15min every 6hrs already. kola320 helped me with some root rot I had started and things have improved. Now working on LST along with maintaining the better environment. Receiving quite an education reading these forums. Will post new pics of the grrrls tonight or tomorrow, it's water/nute change & equipment cleaning day.