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First Grow...Purple Monkey Balls


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Thanks guys! Your comments are much appreciated.

I switched her over to just plain water last night. I want some smooth smoke! :)

Also, I've been thinking that just for the hell of it, I will try to re-veg her after I harvest my buds. After the harvest, Do I just give her a big dose of N and switch the lights back to 24/0 floros? Does anyone know the success rate of getting a plant to re-veg?? I would like to keep her alive and use as a clone mother.


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Very nice ConqueringLOJ, Mabe we can meet up some day and do some tradin, I have a strain called "The Wills" That a fellow bread right down the road about 10 miles from me. From what I understand it placed 1st or 2nd in 1 of the weed cups?? I grew it indoors for a couple yrs and its some stinky gooey get you medicated Herb that grows well in WA. I just finally got another clone from another patient and its a couple weeks from cloning off it. Keep up the good work never thought i'd say this but thems some good lookin monkey balls....lol ...moslow...:439:

nycal hydro

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you have to leave a few lower buds on the plant put her in 24/0 and in a few days you will have leaves bursting out of the buds. good luck should have no problem as long as you dont trim to many leaves during harvest.


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Thanks guys!

Well I harvested last night!! She was ready...Mostly all milky trichs, with a few amber and a few still clear. Everything is drying right now. I took some pics along the way, so I'll post them up in the next day or two. I also look forward to posting the final weigh-in and smoke report...I've been sooo tempted to sneak a taste, but was able to keep it a surprise for myself. mmm!

Also, I kept the plant intact, just harvesting the top buds. I think I left a good amount of leafiness and air-buds to get her to regenerate. I gave a big dose of N and switched the lights back to veg...we'll see if she pulls through. If so, she's gonna be a clone mamma!!

Anyway, thanks for all the advise and support along the way! Stay tuned for some bud pics!


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THANKS Arakeen, Propa Gator!! Yes it was actually 45 days flower...83 days total from seed...Fast!!

Sorry I haven't posted pics yet, I've been really busy. I'll try to get em up by friday.

I had a question tho...is it an ok time for me to transplant the 'hopefully' clone mamma into a bigger home right now, or should I wait until she gets over the shock from being chopped and such? I have a 5 gallon waiting , I just don't know if I should wait a few weeks or not.


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Is this grow still alive?
If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

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Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

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Re: First Grow...Purple Monkey Balls-Completed

Congrats on ur harvest. This will be moved to the completed journal forum. It would be cool if you have pics of your cured bud, smoke report, and final dry weight to post for a nice conclusion.

I’m moving this to completed journals now.

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