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first grow questions

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Hello all,
I hope I have included the relevant info, I'm about to embark on my first grow and i have opted to use a hydroponic system due to living circumstances and disposing of soil.
I'm considering growing the skunk #1 strain as I've read it can be quite forgiving for a newbie.

My shopping list is as follows,

1.5m x 1.5m x 2.0m grow tent
600w ballast with both HPS & MH bulbs
150mm/6" carbon filter
2 x temperature and speed controlled extractor fans, 4" for intake & 6" for extraction
2 way 10 amp relay
Reflective duct tape
Reflective insulated ducting
Digital thermometer
6 5L pots bubble tubz hydroponic system
Rockwool seed starters and grow cubes
5 litres of clay pebbles
2 x 6" clip on fans
250ml of ph up & ph down
Ph test strips

I have come to you to ask for advice on which nutrients I should consider, if you think I have overlooked anything please let me know, peace and love.
Do not use ph test strips. Spend the extra money and buy a ph test pin. You can buy a decent one for around 50 bucks. After adding nutrients to the water the water will turn colors which will affect the outcome of the strip test. Also might want something to measure humidity. And as far as nutrients go I have only used botanicare. Works for me
A lot more info is needed temp, humidity, ppm? If you are looking for a god line of nuts hydrogrow flora series is awesome that is what I use with hydrogaurd it is pretty cheap and if you look around a lot of people use it with there dwc.
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thank you for your feedback,
I have not purchased these items yet I'm going to go with the flora series for nutes, i live in a hard water area and after some research i believe i must purchase the hard water variety?

does water temp matter?
Yes water temp does make a big difference. High water temps will be more prone to grow algae and bacteria which can lead to alot worse problems. Also be sure to change out your nutrient solution frequently. I change mine every week and clean out my reservior with hydrogen peroxide.

This is my first grow. I have learned tremendous amounts of info on here. My next time will be even better. She is 5 weeks into flower with 4 more to go
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theyre looking sweet daisy,

does that mean completely emptying out the system, refill fresh water and nutrients?

a question about strains, should i go with an autoflowering or female seed?
Yes I usually empty reservior then scrub with water and peroxide then rinse very well then add fresh nutrients. Some people clean their reservior every 2 weeks but if you have higher than normal reservior temps I would clean weekly. As far as strains go it's totally up to you. Autos are usually done 60 days from seed but doesn't put out nearly as much since they don't really have a vegative state. And you can't do as much training or topping. They are good for space and time restrictions.
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thank you for your help pal.
sweet, i have chosen to grow 3 Critical & 3 Skunk XL, i think i have all the relevant info to give this grow the go ahead. i have added a hepa filter for my intake and also a water heater for my reservoir, i will update when i have everything installed.
I'm not sure about the filter. I did not need one because my plant is in my closet kinda next to a AC vent. And I do not think you will need a heater. I used a water heater to germinate with but that's it. Actually funny story about that heater. I set it out on the floor one day and I guess your not supposed to leave it on outside of water. It blew up and shot the tube through my wall. It hit so hard it stuck itself into a wall stud. Glad I wasn't near when it blew. But i would not even bother buying a water heater unless somehow your water is way cold. Actually most people have to use water chillers. Hotter water is more prone to bacteria and disease