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First Grow/Rollin on OG Kush Bubbles


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:Namaste:to start. mr. ed rosenthal ~ smoking marijuana may not be addicting, but growing it is ~:Namaste:

this is my first grow, and mr. rosenthal couln't be more correct. i'm only about 2-3 weeks into my first grow ever. i've purchased a potatoe cabinet, modified it and off i went. with a bit of monitoring and adjusting, i think i've got the temps/fert/ph levels adjusted. so here it is for now OG Kush grow journal. * if anyone knows HTF to upload pictures, i have many*
also, i chose ------------ do to the fact that you really can't mess it up. unless you are completely lazy of course. you'll see down below how i almost easily made a very beginner mistake over and again.
advanced nutrients sensi grow A+B is the ONLY veg nute i am using as of now.
(yes, it is strong stuff)
8 apr.
transplant took place from soil into hydroton. she is now bubblin away under 2 85w56kcfl
9 apr.
small dose of nute (as in 5 mL/3 gal) balanced pH with GH test kit to right around 5.7ish
10 apr.
flushed system. mostly for fun (first grow n all haha)
11 apr.
added near 67% strength nute. (you guessed right) observed
14 apr.
added the final 33% to make full nute strength. (hold that thought) pH'd water to 5.6ish
15 apr.
first lesson learned very quickly. AN, or any fert for that matter should be used in SMALL incriments. noticed possible nute problems with yellow leaf tips(morning time) emptied 1 gallon and "flushed" (not really, i know) with equal pH corrected water. noticed severe wilting and more damage to leaves. flushed system completely. added 2/3 strength nute mix. (evening) i never learn the first time...
16 apr.
observed heavily stoned pondering all morning. more nuted burn. flushed down to 5mL nute per gallon overall. doing some research at this point i should have been at 15mL overall, but i duffed up.
18 apr.
looking much much healthier with much more new growth. this is why i chose ------------, you can't fuck it up. began a little LST
19 apr.
she is looking incredibly healthier. LSTing further into the evening I notice (already) much more new growth off side main stem.
420. happy day
she is looking very comfortable. i've tied down some branched to allow more light penetration to where i want the light. temps at 79f/ambient @ 76f humidity right around 33-39% (happy with that considering i live in dryness)
21 apr.
still stoned from yesterday. "topped" ( or so i thought ) main stem. observing.
23 apr.
flushed system entirely. scrubbed bucket with bleach and hot soapy water. cleaned out very very well. added 14mL/gallon nute, pH'd water to 5.6.
24 apr.
plant is looking dope with nute solution
25 apr.
ordered canna coco a+b fert for bloom base along with rizo canna and pk 13/14. also ordered two 105w27k bulbs. debating on purchasing some taste enhancer or tryin out the molasses. any suggestions?

that is it up until now. any suggestions, comments/conerns would be awesome. this is my first grow and i'm all ears.

i would also upload picks if i could figure er out.
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