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First Grow Room Set Up


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I plan to set up a closet grow room and I would appreciate your opinions. It will be for personal stash only which is probably not more than 1 oz per year. While the scale is small, I still want to go first class with the equipment from the get go.

I have a 3' X 4' X 9' closet and I was planning to set it up as described in Chapter 1 "Lee's Closet Garden" in Cervantes Marijuana Indoors book. Basically divide the closet into a lower vegetative room with a 250W MH and an upper flowering room with a 600 W HPS. I was planning to use air cooled fixtures like the Yield Master II from BG Hydro. I was also planning to get the Lumatek digital ballast. I have been reading some of the posts here and it looks like this might be overkill.

Alternatively, I could use the closet for the flowering room and an adjacent bathroom for the vegetative room. Would this be better? Do they smell much in the veggie stage?

Like I said I want to set the room up right the first time so I will minimize future aggravation. I also would like advice on the best seed for first grow. I'm thinking Sensi seeds Northern Lights. Is this a good choice?

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If you only want an ouce a year, you could use 4 cfl's and a 1x1x3' room.

Germinate and start lightining immediately at 12 on 12 off. In three months you are done and will have at least an Oz. If you plant another one 21 days before the others are complete, you will have more in two months. Very easy method, and very inexpensive.

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Yea, with only needing an oz a year, I doubt that you need such an elaborate set-up.. Go with what boss said... or get yourself a small MH/hps light combo and go from there. That light and one little space will take you thru the whole grow....
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