First Grow, Ryn0nTX: Critical Mango, Ebb 'N’ Flow, 2020


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Ahh that sucks about Raindy!!
Things look like they are coming along nicely!!

I had a quick question, I'm thinking it was a typo, but being s newbie I'm going to ask (in case I've missed something). You mentioned you gave 'em PH 6.8 ....was that supposed to be a 5.8? Isn't the range supposed to be 5.8 to 6.5?

Gotta say @Ryn0nTX , kinda jealous!! Those are some nice looking plants!!


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Haha! Thanks @Rexer. Your attention to detail got me, 5.8 is correct. That's the damnedest thing about these journals...When I'm caught up in the moment and putting it all down "on paper", I tend to recreate with a mixture of beer, whiskey and a little smoke to shore up the three ring circus! :laugh:

But yes, 5.8. my RO water comes out at damn near 5.0 flat. My tap water (pre-filter) is around PH 8.0. So when mixing a large batch like that, its hard to get the PH way up there. It took half a bottle of GH PH-up to get it to 5.8.

Thanks for catching that. I wish I could edit, but I don't see the option. Have you started your new grow yet?


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Lol all good man, mine is so full of typo errors, so I get what your saying...
Well, to be honest I actually have kept two alive (super skunk) out of my four (one had to spend some time feeding kratky style, which it did not like). Theyre pretty tiny and are now just along for the ride...I've got two blueberry autos started and need to start/ continue my grow journal as they're the stars of my grow now lol.

It's been quite the saga, temps swung here back and forth so I landed up getting fed up and threw a portable AC into the cabinet just to see how it would do, it was a tight fit! Then....just as things were starting to get dialed in my POS cheap LED light crapped out. Budget was low, but I managed to grab a 400W MH/HPS (dimmed to 250W) with a vented hood a few days ago from Amazon. So that meant a complete redo for my ventilation. Ive just been trying non-stop to dial things back in, but im loving the lack of blurple! And think...well hope I've got it set now, taking my lux meter out to check the light distribution.
Thanks for asking!


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So it's now Day 56...or Week 8!

So you know about the Rain situation. To be honest, it was crazy how fast the pollen sacks developed. I was only gone for two nights (3 days) for work and BAM! So that plant has been juiced and consumed :p. I enjoy making juice from the leaves with some coconut milk and oranges. Not sure how healthy, but it tastes great and gives you a smooth mellow feeling. Thanks Rain!

So we are finishing up the second week of flower and there are flowers popping everywhere! it's quite an exciting time to see them grow and know I am that much closer to harvest. This week I am starting week three schedule for the GH Nutes.

8ml/ Micro
3ml/ Grow
12ml/ Bloom
(all per gallon of ro water)

I will also add the 15ml/ Cali-Mag (15 for the entire 14 gallon batch)

All to a pH of 5.8 after the nutes are mixed in.

When I did a flush and nute change last week, my intention was to just add more nutes each week to the water per the schedule. Changing 14 gallons of water is sort of a pain in the ass! With that said, I did not get to research it. I know the plants will absorb the nutes in an uneven manner. They will use what they want, so how will I know if the res is actually balanced? So for now, I'll keep changing it.

The temps and humidity are still holding steady....
73-75F, 60-63%rh

While loading the pics for this post, I saw a bug on one of the leaves. I do have a few flies that get in there and I'm doing my best to control them with sticky traps. I didn't think they would be a problem for the most part. My biggest fear has always been those crazy looking plants on the floor (in the background of whole room pics). They are in dirt and dirt brings bugs! Outside in our garden, we are fighting every bug known to gardening and honestly, I'm amazed that these girls haven't made new friends yet. My wife keeps sneaking things in my grow room in order to start plants for the garden outside. The Naranilla plants have to stay indoors. I'm am building them a new home this week and evicting all other dirt from the room!

On a positive note, it is nice having the extra space created from loosing Rain. I was able to get Dawn under her own light and the other two shorter plants have their own as well. This way I can adjust the height accordingly. Dawn is twice as tall as the others!

Day 56_Flower_Group.jpg
Here they are all together and re-arranged. See the Naranilla in the background?. No damn clue why I thought it would be a good idea to grow these. They are evil plants!....Check it out!...
How the heck am I supposed to pick the fruit off of these things!?!
Day 56_Flower_001.jpg
So exciting!!!
Day 56_Flower_002.jpg
Up close...I have flowers everywhere, but this was the easiest with the best light to take a pic of. Think they are looking good?
So while I was cropping that last pic for the post, I noticed this.....
Day 56_Bug 002.jpg
Looks like a roach to me, but that doesn't make sense. What do you think it is?
Here is a close up....

As always, thanks for following along and I look forward to your feedback.


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Looking good Ryn0nTX!

For the res changes to make it easier, I use a bucket with a cheap spare aquarium pump and a spool of poly.

Set your hose up, warn the wife, hook pump up inside res, pump it dry. Give the hose a shot of air to clean it out, remove the pump and leave hose in place (for me anyways) then take pump to water source hook it up to poly line and fill.
When done, roll the poly up for next change.
I cant lift and my res is some that's my work around!

In regards to topping off, yes, there will be a salt buildup, but you can sneak it in by keeping an eye on PPM/EC in the res, from my research anyways. I plan to top off as needed in the week, but to be honest...your doing great, dont make big changes to routine mid grow unless there's a problem. That's my 2 cents lol

Those are some neat plants....look thorny!


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Thanks @Rexer ! Yeah, I use the pump to dump the res into a drain. It gets about 95% of the water out. I can definately see the salt build up on the res (around the water line) so for now, I'll just keep changing it out weekly. The painful part is my RO system. It came with a 3 gallon tank, which actually puts out a little over 2 gallons at a time. I added a 7 gallon tank to it and in total I can get about 7 gallons from the system before pressure is nill. Then it takes a couple hours to fill back up. Using 14 gallons at a time, this is a pain :laugh:. But hey, if that's all I have to complain about then I'm doing okay.

For the topping off during the week, I've only used straight RO water to 5.8pH. I now this dilutes the solution, but I figure the feeding is a weekly event and that's their food for the week. Unless there is a problem I only mix nutes once a week. That's why I'm leery about just adjusting the nutes every week.


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Awesome, yeah I can see the pain part, but that is still a sweet setup. I didn't realize the RO systems work that way, ive been meaning to look into one for our camp, but haven't researched them much (to be honest I assumed they basically were an on demand system).
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Thanks @bebecillo .... I have an interesting story to share about trapping bugs. It cost me a very nice flower! One of those (talking to myself) "You dumbass! What were you thinking?" moments. :oops:
I'm working on my weekly update and its will be in there. Stay tuned for a good laugh!
"You dumbass! What were you thinking?"

Yup, tell myself that on a regular basis :19:

Often leads to :roorrip: and then..."now where was ....I?"


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Day 62...Almost week 9 (tomorrow) and beginning Week 4 of Flower!

Good evening mates! So it seems that as I learn my way through this grow, every week has it's own set(s) of surprises and challenges. The coolest part is watching these girls grow. I've mentioned before that we have a huge garden, actually 1 huge and 3 smaller ones. All of the plants outside make progress and walking around looking at all of it is rewarding. But watching how these plants fly through their different progressions is amazing! They literally transform overnight on a regular basis. With all the recent travel I've had to do for work and leaving for days at a time, makes the experience all that more jaw dropping!

Okay, so I'm done giggling about the plants. I hope that 'wow' factor never goes away with future grows. So today I did a complete res cleaning and then flushed the girls with RO water (ph6.2). Then did a fresh batch of nutes as follows:

8ml/ Micro
3ml/ Grow
14ml/ Bloom
(all per gallon of ro water)

All to a pH of 6.2 after the nutes are mixed in.

No issues with climate control, still maintaining 73F at about 65%rh (it's been more humid outside lately)

The girls are looking me at least. The one that I was most proud of, my problem child Dawn is slacking during flower. She is still growing like a weed, but compared to Meadow and Harmony she seems about a week or so behind. I think it has to do with the fact that she is so much larger than the others. So for now, I plan on moving forward as scheduled. If she needs more time, I can do that. But she needs to hurry! I've been trying my hand at cloning :3:.


Dawn took off and grew past the light! She is almost right at 5ft tall (from the top of the bucket). I can only raise the light about 12 more inches, so I had to tie her down again! If I raised it for the tallest three stems, the rest would suffer. I'm not too concerned though as she is a slacker! I'm hoping to finish off the other two so I can focus both lights on Dawn for a week to finish her off.
Week 9.jpgP_Trim_004_D.jpg
Week 8 had a little turbulence along the way, as do most weeks. Or so it seems. I had mentioned in a previous post that the flies were irritating me. Outside of the grow room there are other sources that attract flies (f*#@ing rabbits and rabbit S&%T!). It's something my wife is doing. So I shopped around for some decent fly traps. Most were made for the outdoors and have bad odors, who wants that? So I went with simple sticky traps. In my mind I'm thinking that I can just slap a few on the walls and bammo! no flies....well that didn't work. They enjoy my plants too much for that. So then I had a genius idea!!!
The pesky fliers zoom in and out of the lights...let's stick them to the edges of the light! Brilliant I must say! NOT! All was good with my sticky pads on the lights. Life was great and I had a smile. Then, a few hours later, I was just picking around and trimming this and that....then it hit me! In the head...the fly trap...bounced off my hat and landed.... On (at the time) one of my most precious flowers!!!! Needless to say, it toasted three flowers and two leaves!

Bottom line, bad idea...Don't try this at home kids! :rip:

Here's another one for you all that, like me, couldn't find the amazon link to the "Growing 420 for Dummie's" book..
35 Days Algae.jpg
The algae that has been growing in that clear tubing that I use for feeding, turns out it was a pretty big issue. Due to a busy weekend, I never noticed that the plants were barely getting any nutes. Just like a couple weeks ago, it appears that they went nearly dry for roughly three days. Then when I replaced the tubing and it seemed fixed, the next day they weren't getting anything. The damn drip fittings were clogged as well with algae! So I cut them off and never looked back. No more issues with feeding or draining. So my take away is....

Algae isn't a big deal until it is. Then it's a big F'ing deal! Pay close attention to the details and make sure the system is functioning as it should. I assumed all was well and it almost assumed me starting a new grow had we not caught it!:lot-o-toke:

So I did a little more trimming today. Again, nothing major. I just want to make sure that everything is getting enough light. As mentioned, I also pulled back Dawn a little. Here are some more pics:

P-Trim_003_M.jpg P_Trim_002_H.jpg


Thanks again to everyone that has taken the time to help me! I'm having a blast and can't wait to see what next week holds in store



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Awesome post @Ryn0nTX ! I truly hope the wow factor never leaves as well, and I get the same, it's so relaxing to tend to them.

Glad you got the Algae under control, I'm not too sure if you've thought about using H202 or not but it might be something to consider (just dont use the pharmacy stuff), it's good way to keep your system sterile while giving a little O2 boost to the plants, I use some every Res change/weekly.

Keep us the awesome work, your doing great, look forward to seeing how much your going to bring in:ganjamon:


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It's a rather aggressive training, but for some reason seeing your plants made me think about the was also rather :lot-o-toke:


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Haha! I'm about to get rather :ganjamon:!!!! Working on another grow. About to document what I've done so far. I'll share the link(s) when I get it up and going. About to get dirty!!!

For the girls here in my grow room.....well it's the impatient part I suppose. I'm doing my best to keep my ass out of there and let them do their own thing at this point. So, since my patience is being tested and I just so happen to have 13 perfectly good clones...I got busy!

I'll update you guys completely on the status of Dawn, Harmony and Meadow tomorrow when I do the nute change.
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