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First Grow Setup. 4 plants indoor. Need a little bit of expert advice.


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Okay, I decided to grow eventually. I was looking around online and was thinking of going for a setup similar to this:


I want to grow in soil, not hydroponics. Would this be considered adequate size and light? Is there any equipment I would be short? I really want to grow 4 plants and this is the biggest tent I could fit in my room.

Any advice on what types of mostly Sativa seeds would work well in this set up would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! ;-)
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I guess it would depend on how you grow them..straight up, lst, scrog...what's the plan??

I would say going straight up you would go with fewer plants than 4 and scrogging you could go with more than 4 plants...depends on the light and subsequent light penetration...

My .02..

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