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My plant breeched the ground around july 4-5th and has been taking its time enjoying the light and growing a little every day when it first breeched I put it underneath a 19w cfl (75w) with 1200 lumens the walls wwre 50/50 flat white and foil and had a fun on it to cool lights the twmp was about 75-86°f and humidity jumped around at 30-60%. I had started to veg the plant I some potting soil I had found in an old planter we havent hsed in years and decied to shift through it and see what jappens the plant had started to thrive growing new leaves ever other day then it had become to big for thw plastic pot I had it in and so I trans planted to a 6" pott still using the same fertilizer after trans planting I had got my light splitters and put the newly transplanted plant under four 19w (75w) and from thwn on I let the plant grow til it hit its third set of true leaves and then topped her. I let her grow a little more so that she could get a little start off on her new branches.on aug-15 I set my plants outside and they have been thriving I transplanted them to a new 3.5gallon plastic pot and bought some miracle gro organic soil and mixed in som mountain moss I bought at big lots for 2.50$ I thought it would be good to throw on the top of the plant to gold moisture in the soil but some how ended up in my fertilizer I also added some sand from my ground not much like 1/3 of a cup just to add a little moisture help etc. Ion the third day out side the 18th I started lst to let my inner branches get some of the bright cali sun. My plants love the sun and dont seem to be effected by the heat even thought it can get to 103°f but its seems like a problem because my roota in the pot are getting to 100°f and I cant find a way to keep it cool any ideas??? Any suggestions on wht I should do to the plant. My plant hasnt even showed signs of preflower yet its about 5 weeks total I believe havent been counting really first grow. All the pictures are below in chronological order from first picture to now. All ideas welcome thank you stay faded everyone! :volcano-smiley:


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Ignore lumens. The measurement is useless for plants.
Ignore the Incandescent equivalent wattage rating. Incandescents cannot grow Cannabis, so that number is useless.

Cover the sides of your container with dark tape or something. Light is bad for roots.

If you see any preflower before the 12/12 switch, you'll need to look really close. Here's a picture I took:

Are your leaves that dark normally? Or is it just the camera?

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