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First grow slight problem


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Hey everyone, first grow here and just ran into an issue I could use some help with.

3 White Widow x Big Bud
Vegged for 25 days
Day 5 flower
Bioactive cocopeat
10ltr airpots
1.45x0.8m tent
2 mars ii 400w LEDs
Temperature range 20.9-26.8
Humidity range 54-74%
Water ph 6.5
Only used water and season (kelp) during veg.
One feeding with rock nutrients bloom and supercharge both at half strength, runoff was 6.7 ph 1530ppm.

After feeding with nutes some of the lower leaves have gone pale with dark brown spots on them.

I'm also having trouble posting the pictures in this thread they're not appearing in the preview, I just uploaded them to the member galleries any suggestions?

Any help is much appreciated.


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Well my leaves yellowed when I was about 1 week into flowering And I asked and people reassured me saying that it is because the plant is not using nitrogen any more so the leaves die I am not very experienced so I would definatly get a few more opinions but that's what I got told :)


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When you go to post in this thread at the bottom of the box where you write it should say my photos click on that and should direct you to your pictures
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