First grow - Think I have a sick plant


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What's up every body. This is my first grow and I think I may have a sick plant the rest look fine. My set up is a 4x8 grow tent 2 900w meizhi led lights I have 2 20 gal pots 2 13 gal pots and 2 5 gal pots. I'm using fox farm ocean forest soil and advanced nutrients grandmaster bundle. The strains I'm growing...big blue cheese, blueberry widow, pineapple kush, super sour berry, lemon skunk, and a random feminized seed I got free with my order. I am 1 month into the grow and I have some monsters 4 will be a month Thursday from when they sprouted the other 2 are 3 weeks old. but i think my blueberry widow is sick but i can't tell maybe over watered or nitrogen toxicity or something else I'll post pics of my plants and any help would be appreciated.
Im just a newb at growing indoors but she looks healthy to me from the video, can u get a few close up pics of the leaves and top cola?
Im jealous...Shit im a week and a half from being a month in from sprout and only my best gal is close in size to any of yours but then again im jus using bagseed and a shit load of cfl... But u got some nice healthy plants bro! Great job
Thanks a lot bro I will post pics when I get home from work I used to use cfl but I pAid less then 400 for both my led lights.
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