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First Grow - Thought I Knew What I Was Doing - DWC CFL


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Hi everyone. :420:

I'm new to this forum and new to growing so i thought i would make my first post about all my trials and tribulations thus far.
I fantasized researched growing for a number of years but still lived at home so it wasn't practical. Pretty much immediately after moving into a place of my own i began growing in my closet.
Here's the setup.

*MG garden soil
*CFL 6500k 23w 1600 lumens
And that's it.

Just a few days after sprouting i noticed signs of nute deficiency ( purpling of leaves etc..). So i hit the forums and did a little research and quickly realized that i didnt know as much about growing as i thought. I mean i knew enough to keep a plant alive but after visiting the various sights i saw that there was a whole community of people out there who are on the verge of master gardener/mad scientist.
To say that it all inspired me would be an understatement. I had learned enough to get my baby out of that nasty MG soil so i went and got a real simple peat moss and perlite mix and cheap liquid fertelizer. Here she is, just about a week old and freshly transplanted.

After learning that my knowledge of cannabis cultivation was less than acceptable i kind of went mad with researching. I would spend all hours of the night on every forum imaginable, downloading gardening apps on my phone.....i was obsessed. :circle-of-love: The plant had been growing for about a week and was growing great but in my quest for knowledge i quickly discovered DWC, And everything changed. I got online and found the nearest hydroponic store and bought some FF and a few other essentials. A quick trip to the hardware store and the pet store and i was good to go. i built a 5 Gal. dwc bucket with a 25 gal air pump and transplanted the little trooper for a second time. This time was tricky because i had to get as much soil off the root mass as possible before putting it in the Dwc system.
Right after transplant.

Watered from top until roots appeared through mesh pot.
Just 6 days after moving to DWC!

The rest of the grow was pretty much a breeze.

Thats all for tonight. Ill finish this tomorrow night.
I'd love to answer any questions and i welcome constructive criticism. Thanks for following along so far :peace:
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Re: First Grow. "Thought" I knew what I was doing. DWC CFL





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Re: First Grow. "Thought" I knew what I was doing. DWC CFL

It worked!! Ok well heres the pics that should have been in the original post.
Starting at about 2 weeks old.


After 6 days of being transplanted from soil to dwc.









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Beginning of flowering.













Total weight 26.7 grams.
Sorry for the poor construction of this journal. Ill make my next one a little more 420 friendly.
Thanks for following along, friends. Feel free to leave feedback. Ill be on the forums doing the same.
Peace :peace:


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Hey there drew drop. welcome to the best forum EVER!! hahaha anyways.. lovely girl you had.. i did have some questions tho..
How long was the veg period?
how long did it take her to finish in flower?
did the bud you get look similar to the trees it came from?
any nutes?
temp and RH?
did you do any kind of LST, or defol?
and did you upgrade the lights at all during the grow?
did you use a loupe to judge the trics to see their status?
and did you do a smoke report?

hahahahaha ok i'm done.. welcome to the forum buddy.. some of the best peeps ever are on this site.. it's pretty frickin incredible..


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Thanks BudRick. I was pretty pleased with the whole experience.
All very good questions PG. I guess I should have included all of that in the original post...new medicine is a bit strong :volcano-smiley:

Here are the specs.

*Grow space: 4x2 closet. (kept door cracked and a canopy fan running 24 hrs)
*Strain: Bagseed given to me by a friend.
*Method: DWC
*Nutrients: FoxFarm Grow big hydro and Tiger Bloom.
*Lights: 5 CFL's. 6500k veg. 2700k flower.
*Temp & RH: 80-85f. 48-61% (not a very controlled environment)
*Veg time:55 days
*Flower time: Just 47 days. (wish i'd waited a week)
*Manicuring: FIM'd and knuckled.(not a fan of knuckling) Defoliated gradually just to allow easy air flow through the canopy.

After transplanting from dirt to DWC there was slow growth until the roots reached the reservoir. Once established she grew very well and steady. Transitioned to flower with no slowed growth. About halfway through flowering i began to smell a kind of mildew muskiness coming from the closet. The reservoir stayed cool and didnt really smell but i started leaving the door fully open and turned the fan on high. After a few days the smell had not subsided but not gotten any worse, none the less I had done some research and decided on 30% H2O2 to try and solve the problem. I noticed no difference.
I later determined that the buds had that slightly mildewy smell because there wasnt proper ventilation in the closet.
I checked all the buds with a microscope and found no mold.
It was winter when i harvested. The trichomes were about 20% amber. The gas heat in my house makes the air very dry. RH was around 34% and this caused my buds to dry very quickly. Almost overnight. Every experienced grower already knows that that makes for bad tasting bud. :6:
Cured for just a few weeks then tried her out. You could literally taste the old wood of my 1920's mill house in the smoke. It was faint but several people confirmed that it was there. Again no mold or diseases. Just poor ventilation and a stuffy closet.
I let it cure for a while longer and didn't feel lie it got any better. Even still it was safe to smoke (to my knowledge) and didnt taste terrible so I just filled up the bong and had a really good week with my wife and friends :high-five:
I'm glad I ran into problems in my first grow. If not my second grow wouldn't have gone as terrific as it did.


Ill post that journal soon.

I hope this can help any fellow new growers that may be doing a similar grow. Thanks for following, friends. :peace:

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

Please head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too.

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