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first grow, want input and feedback, advice anything welcome


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So im starting my first grow. For weeks ive been "prepping" so to say, buying lights and fans and other accessories to do this right. The grow is a closet set up only doing one plant for my first time. I have 4 23 watt 5000k cfl lights and 2 23 watt 2700k cfl lights lined my grow space, which I made out of a clean trashcan, with mylar. Im running 2 regular 12 v computer fans (one of which hasn't been installed yet, still being shipped) and a laptop cooling fan I ghetto rigged into it, also one big room fan blowing up into the setup. My temps usually run from 80-88 degrees, which I would like to get lower if possible (also keep in mind one cooling fan isn't here and installed yet). I sprouted a seed from some herbs I got outside with a cup over it (mini eco dome) then when it pushed through I moved it inside its been inside a day so far on 18/6 lighting cycle. My lights are mayb 14' or 13 inches away from the top of the leaves. I think that's everything probably leaving some details out.

So I just want anyones input or advice anything that could help or tips. Pretty much just looking for some feedback from people rather then just looking up info online and starting off.







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Get those lights closer or she'll stretch. CFL you want to have a couple inches away at most. You'll want more bulbs when you flower. Lst the plant so it stays short and compact to make the most use of those lights
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