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first grow - which strain for my room?


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This is my first grow, although I've been toking since Woodstock. lol
Here's my question, I have a max. tent height of 7', (my ceilings are 86") I am a patient in my state, I like Sativa or 80/20 or 70/30 hybrids. I'm growing with Inda Gro 420 combo pack lights, so that my give me more available height. Probably in Coco or soil.

I enjoy a bright, upbeat, creative, medicine. I don't want to start flowering too early, because of my ceiling height. I'm checking into, Light of Jah, Girl Scout cookies, X Haze, Strawberry Cough.

Is there a site that gives grow traits for individual strain?

Any suggestions on which strain?

Dantes Monkey

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I've heard good things about the strawberry cough, but I've never grown any of those particular strains. I would check the breeder's sites for height info. Some of them tell you what to expect, but 7' is a good amount of room to work with. You probably won't get any links here due to the forum policies. As for "bright, upbeat, creative, medicine," just don't harvest too late. Probably as soon as you start seeing any amber in your trichs under 100x magnification, you should harvest.

Good Luck with your grow!
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