First Grow, White Widow & Northern Lights Autos, Indoors In Soil

I’m pulling up a chair :passitleft:I’m on my first grow also. Link in signature. I’ve also learned a lot. 99.999 % off this forum. Everyone is great and someone will answer your questions if needed. Cheers. Happy growing. Magic.
Well I’m an idiot. Started LST on the white widows last week. That went well so I decided to start LST on the Nothern Lights, it’s a little small but I wanted to start it while still small. Well I over stressed it and broke the stem, I don’t have skill set to save what broke, so the the northern light is now a shorty with a couple of leafs.


The LST is going well with the white widows. I seem to be tucking leaves or bending daily.

Fed and watered the girls again last night. No voodoo juice this feeding increased other nutrients a little and the amount of water. Watered until water started running out the bottom of the fabric planters.

@Magicdvdfarm hoping my white widows start looking like yours in a couple of weeks

. 32B682BD-6217-4FE7-A557-3504BFB10F77.jpegNL aftermath of impatience
Pictures are from yesterday. The white widows are drinking a lot. Today I gave each one 2 liters each advanced nutrients sensi grow and B52 full strength. Will flush WW1 next feeding with PH adjusted water as it is in the very beginning of flower stage. Next time WW2 needs water I’ll determine if it needs more grow nutes solution or flush before starting bloom nutes. The northern light is coming on strong, doesn’t need feeding yet.

Switched two of four T5s from grow to bloom bulbs. I read an experienced growers journal who uses T5 bloom bulbs for his entire grow. He wants his auto flowers to stretch a bit.

My WW2 is pretty compact, trying to do more LST with it as it continues to grow.

609E81A1-92C8-414F-9C56-59A36A4C4983.jpegWW1, More minor LST and leaf tucking. Trying to keep all colas same height.
7715027B-78F3-4EFD-98DA-2C262FADA5CE.jpegWW2 More leaf tucking, to brittle to LST. I’ll try LST as it starts to stretch,before bloom stage.
47E79560-567F-4192-AC7A-CADAC0A85B60.jpegNL coming on strong.
First grow so starting off small with two white widow and two northern lights autos.
- growing indoors
- home made growing tent 4’w x 2’l x 6’h w/reflective Mylar velcroed to the tent frame. tent is not covered on top.
- soil is equal parts happy frog and coco in 2 gallon fabric bags
- using four 48” T5 54W growing lights

Followed Crop Kings germination process:
- two white widow seeds sank within three hours
- northern lights seeds sank after 15 hours
- put all four seeds with damp paper towel after 18 hours
- after two days white widow tap root 3/4” long planted these seeds directly in 2 gallon fabric bags. (I read somewhere to just plant autos directly into final planting pot.)

(white widows are on the left, northern lights on the right)

- northern lights tap root take another two days to reach 1/2” long. Planted northern lights four days fire starting germination process.
White widow is so fun to grow, best of luck with the new ladies
More LST today on all three plants.

I use a T5 lighting fixture with 2 grow and 2 bloom bulbs. Trying to keep the lights as close as possible to the plants, 3 to 4” away. I think this will be the last LST I perform on WW1 on the left, it’s starting to get pretty wide and I’m afraid it will spread out past the light covered if I bend it any further.

WW2 received lots of LST today, hoping it will start stretching soon, it’s about a week behind WW1 growth wise. It has very dense foliage, I may trim a couple of leafs, we’ll see in a few days.

NL on the right is doing awesome considered I broke off the main trunk performing LST last week. Looking forward to see how it turns out.

WW1 will need water only tomorrow. WW2 and NL will be fed again tomorrow.
5 weeks into the grow.

Fed 2 liters WW1 full grow nutrients today. Possibly one more week before transitioning to bloom nutrients.

Watered WW2 today with 2 liters ph adjusted water.

Using weight of fabric pots to determine if plants need water or feeding. WW1 & WW2 are needing fed every three days now or sooner.

Fed NL last Friday, isn’t ready for water or feeding.

WW1 speading out so much I raised the light to 6” above the plants so both WW are completely covered.
6 weeks since planting the germinated seeds. First grow so I don’t know how to measure progress. The white widows are being fed 2 liters AN Sensi bloom about every three days or less depending on the weight of the pot. They need fed today again. 1/2 portion of AN big bud will be included today.

The northern light just keeps growing. It’s been about a month since I broke the main stem off. Don’t know if it will yield anything but it’s not taking up any needed real estate so I’ll keep letting it do it’s thing. It needs fed about once a week currently. Still feeding it AN sensi bloom.

Removed some of the lower leafs on all three plants. I may remove some more a little later if they respond ok.

Pics are from yesterday.

Pics are from yesterday.
Well learned something from YouTube video for testing ph. I thought my ph was around 6.5 whenever I fed the plants. Turns out after watching the video and testing the ph using the guide given...PROPERLY....the nutrient solution was down around 5. Had to use 5ml Ph Up to get the ph up to 6.5.

Fed each white widow 2 liters nutrient solution of AN Sensi bloom part A/B 8ml, 2mlvoodoo and 2ml big bud. Fed the northern light 2 liters nutrient solution of AN Sensi grow part A/B 8ml, 2 ml B52.

Light schedule for the plants had been lights on 24/7. Changed up to 18/6.
44 days since planting the germinated seeds.

Turned off humidifier for the rest of the grow. Temp and RH highes 72/mid 50s when when thermostat set at 72 and lows of 64/high 40s when thermostat set at 65.

Fed the White widows 2 liter of AN sensi bloom solution this morning. Gave the northern light 2 liters of ph adjusted to 6.5 water this morning.

Going on the road for few days. Looking forward to see what they do while I’m gone.

the start of things to come.
46 days

Gave each white widow 2 liters AN Sensi Bloom A/B, 4ml B52 and 4ml Big Bud. Had to adjust pH up to 6.0 to 6.5. Gave the northern light 2 liters AB Sensi Bloom A/B and 4ml Voodoo juice.

Plants seem to be doing fine although I’d like to see the flowers getting bigger. Don’t know if the northern light will yield anything.
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