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First Grow - Winter Bag Seed - Australia Victoria Outdoor 2014 Winter


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So earlier this year I planted 5 different strains of bagseed I've collected, 8 seeds at the start of May fortunately germinated but since then at the 3 month mark I lost 6 plants to males but that's the luck of the draw I guess. All I really want is an opinion on my 2 females and if you see something that could be wrong with the plants that cause stunting and what not also I knew at the start of winter that my plants wouldn't get to big due to low levels of sun and horrible whether we had but i wanted the head start for the season coming in the next few months.

I also smoke my pot green I've always said no to tobacco so I'm growing this for myself to save $$

What strain is it? I have 5 strains of bag seed but the surviving plants are what I call Strain 2 and Strain 3.
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Being a first timer I really cant pin point it but I would say strain 3(the big one) is 60/40 sativa, Strain two I have no clue.
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? both plants are in flowering.
If in Veg... For how long? On average most of the plants showed preflowers at around 3 months.
If in Flower stage... For how long? I think 2-3 weeks
Indoor or outdoor? Outdoor but I germinated all of them on my window Ceil until I thought they could survive outside.
Soil or Hydro? Soil from Woolworths I can't remember the name of the soil but ill check next time when I get more. I made sure it was organic but i spent $4 on each 25L bag.
If soil... what is in your mix? I burnt heap of recyclable paper and cardboard and what not and mixed a few handfuls of the ash through the soil
If soil... What size pot? I think 5-10 L pots
Is it aircooled? Wind is my friend
Temp through winter was between 15-20degrees Celsius but was considerably colder at times.
I don't have any PH levels for my tap water or my soil but so far the plants are alive so it cant be horribly bad.
Any Pests ? Yeah on my smaller plant there has always been little fruit fly type things but they haven't affected the plant I don't think.
How often are you watering? usually every 2-3days but if it rains I wait until the soil is decently dry 2-3cm deep in the soil before I water them and my soil is pretty good with drainage as I put say 300-500mls of water and it drains out the bottom in leave then 10 seconds so the soil is decent.
Type and strength of ferts used? All my nutes are organic I think: Mirical grow i use every now and then I've always under strengthened the mixes in the water so it minimizes burn or stunting.

If I have forgotten anything tell me and I hope I can get some feedback guys.



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Don't really know what your asking man. Don't expect much off those plants though. My guess is and what I'd do is repot into bigger pots or plant into the ground, and they will start to grow out again. We're only couple of weeks from spring starting, days are getting longer, ground is warming up. If you go into the ground, wait until it's a little warmer. When your plants grow again, and get to a hight you like you can flower them manually, or allow nature to run it's course, they could get real big. Smoke wise your about 5-7 months away, unless you rape what's on there now, you won't get stoned though. I can't see those buds getting to much bigger and maturing, not outdoors, it's the start not end, remember longer days, start to grow and flowers as the days shorten. You can do it manually by putting the pots into darkness each night at around five, so they aren't getting more light. Hope that helps and makes some sense.
That cheap potting mix isn't the best either, it's for tomatoes if the same one I've seen. Get some Charlie carp or seaweed concentrate, mix up some manure,mushroom compost, peat, mix up into your potting mix. Don't water to much. Once a week.


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So I thought this was due for an update. I chopped it today pretty much as I woke up had a close friend go out and notice that the stupidly high winds we had today was making my crown swing and almost hit the rim of the pot so he was a bit worried and gave me a heads up. If it wasn't so windy I would have left it for a few more days but instead today was the day. With the season changing the plants light cycle is currently getting too much for budding. The budding in lower middle part of the plant was showing the start of re growth so I don't think chopping it today was too much of a problem.
Enjoy some pictures of my girl :)
Oh and p.s my other little female I have turned some crazy colours but mostly purple and I yielded my proudest 4 cones off her a week ago and to my surprise she is still alive :D


I will upload a bunch of photos tomorrow of my newest additions to the family


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oh and that last picture with the crown on it isn't today it was a week ago. Sorry I don't have a pic for before I harvested her but that's life

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