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First Grow with Aero :yummy:


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Here goes.... I have been working and reading my @$$ off for the past 5 weeks and i am about 80% done with the room. Its somewhat of a poor mans grow seeing that most of the stuff was donated. now dont let that fool you i have spent enough of nutes, the bulb "400watt hydrolux " that will soon be used for only flowering and lots and lots of time. the wife is starting to worry about me. :439:

so i started the seeds straight into the the pots from a good bag of smoke that i had been saving for who knows how long. ya know how it is. i am using 24/7 water. i didnt use lights until there were 2 defined leaves and then started 18/6 *will use lights next time and pre soak seeds*. like i said i did not soak my seeds at all. just stuck them in the moss cakes I dont know the correct name is but there just wet moss things that have a small hole in the top to put seeds into i got them at the garden store..seems to be working quite well. the rest of the bag i keep in the fridge.

i started 5 1/2 weeks ago and here is what i have so far. simple setup really i have a small pump in the bottom going to my spay line in the top that sprays the roots and then drips back down into the bottom. i didnt make it. instead my best friend did and used it for a little while and his plants died from lack of care. now i have it and well a picture is worth a thousand words.


maybe i need to play with the sprayers or rotate the plants. Bertha in the rear left is doing great. the only one i have names so far besides stubby that was planted at the same time in the far right that is only 6inches compared to 15inch Bertha what kind indica or sativa?


I am so impatiant


that is a look at what is going on with the aero for now and also am growing som beasties and black momba which i will start a different journal on.

I have a couple concerns. like i said i started from seed 5 1/2 weeks ago and now have this. When do i top? and do you think it would be safe to start my 12/12 cycle and start them on bloom nutes or should i wait until the stalks or nodes start alternating like what i have read on the site. l want to jump to 12/12 within the next severel day but young grasshopper must be patient would love any and all advise. :rollit:

also i got a friend to give me a 10x jewlers lens for free. so poor man staying in budget. hehe
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Is your friend getting jealous? I think you would be safe going 12/12. Patience is tough, but the pay off is outstanding.


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he is hehe :peace: as far as topping i have never topped and dont know when. when do you top? . so come next week i will be cleaning the system -containers that is- very good and going 12/12 wooohooo cant wait. also just so ya know i have been using only 3 gallons of water and basically using the nute chart that i think moose posted. will continue to use it with the flowering cycle. Thanks for the coments guys and gals i need all the help i can get


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very pretty looking little girls. i likey. cant wait to see the black momba i got a fever for some black momba i think? lol... good job though. i cant wait to see the outcome. Very original onthe names.. Bertha , stumpy, what are the other girls names? anyways the grow is beautiful so far keep it up. nice and green


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Im back and with more pics. had a couple days off work and done alot of work to the room and just wanted some input on what kind of plants do i have. Indica or sativa? looks like a mix to me not really thin leaves nor fat ones. will wait for more expert advise.

Well i guess we will start by entering the room.

The Rooooom!!!

I am using the yeast and sugar water methed with a piece of toast in the bucket with a garden hose seeled off at one end with a cork from a fine bottle of wine and then i drilled some small holes underneith the hose to let the co2 if any fall down onto the plants. will see what happens....

here is Big Bertha in all her Glory. hopefully she wont be a Bubba if ya know what i mean. Indica or Sativa?


Then we have Sizzle. Indica or Sativa?


and Strange Indica or Sativa?


Like i said i went 12-12 cleaned both tubs and used 4 gallons of ph 6 water with 1 tsp bloom nutes per gallon to start out with to see how the plants react. any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks :smokin:
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thanks guys.

im out of week 2 and into week 3 of flowering and with a few casualty's and only one female left from 6 plants. I had 3 male and 3 female and now just the one. since then i have taken a few from soil a week ago and added them to the aero box to see what would happen and this is how they look.

the front middle lady "crush" is the last original plant i started from seed in the aero setup. if you ask me there just not growing as fast as i would like or even hoped. I started a few in dirt 4 weeks ago and i will show a few pics for a little feed back if thats ok..


close ups of pre-flowers woooohoooo






here are a few pics of the Beesties and BlackMomba i started four weeks ago in cups now 3 1/2 gallon pots

3 weeks ago

And now "Beesties"






I was also wondering if i should put a timer on the water pump or would that dry the hanging roots out in the aero system? any advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks again.. :roorrip:
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thanks kara i just went and topped the four plants so we will see what happens now also I am going to start them on 12/12 next week so perfect timing imo :smokin:


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here we are again and just wanted to update. i only have 2 females. all the plants i planted in dirt ended up being males errrrrrr. Have had some chilly nights and heres what i have to show off for now.
oh yea i forgot to mention i have the plants in an outside building with a heater that seems to only be working part of the time or something.





i am starting some more bag seed and some ak-47 will start another journal to see how that goes.:yummy:
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