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hello i have desided to start my first grow with a hydro system in a closset.
i am going to grow 5 quick ones from royal queen seeds, and 2 Big devil from sweet seeds, they are all autofloreiente

my grow set up is going to look like this.
Hydroponics GrowIT 75
Ballast Control Gear EASY 400W HPS/MH
COOL TUBE - Shade Reflector 12,5cm
Philips Master Son-t Pia GreenPower 400W
Carbon Filter 12,5cm (365m3/h)
Inline air extractor RUCK RK INDOOR UFO 12,5cm - 365m3/h
the closset i use is 100x55x200cm.
i am currently waiting to recive the items, but i have started them out in soil


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Hi isobull -
Im on my first grow aswell so might not be the best to give advice but I think your plants look fine, well they look the same as mind did when they were that age.

Are you feeding any nutes yet or just water?

And are you checking the PH of your water? I didnt check mine at first and came into a few problems but sorted them out now.

Hope your grow goes well


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well they get 1,25 -2 ml root juice for 1 liter of water, and all my plants drink like 1 liter a day.
im getting my ph meter today, and some nice hps light.
but my appartment is aready strating to smell, but lcukly not like weed yet, just like a lot of plants is growing in here


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Sounds good -
before I had my PH meter the water I was giving to my plants was at 7.1 and I was not adjusting because I didnt have the meter to know where the reading was at. It was messing up my plants alot so had to get one.

How old are your plants so far - and what light are you using at the minute?
Are you getting the HPS light to be your main flowering light?

Im flowering at the minute using a 400w HPS and using a 125w CFL for veg. I need to get another ballast so I can use my 400w MH bulb for veg. I found when I used the MH bulb they grew alot quicker.


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here are some pictures of my brand new set up :tokin:




ill use my 400 wat hps all the way, but i have like 7 clf bulbs so i can turn of my fan, or turn it down when i have wisit
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Hi isobull,

Looks like you got some nice new bits there.

How old are your plants so far?

I used a MH lamp untill day 50. I read that they are good during the veg stage because of the blue light they give off - I noticed my plants growing much quicker under this then the CFL lamp I was using at first.

HPS lights are good for flowering because of the red light they give off but I have read that people have used just a HPS from start to finish.

Hope your grow goes well - I'll keep watching it.


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they are around a week old, they are growing mutch better now, that i have placed them under my hps, instead of my cfl, they are growing wide, and not so mutch in wide.
i was a little scared of using hydro, since this is my first grow ever, but they seem to do just fine, i gíve them 1 ml root booster pr liter, and 1 ml bloom fernelizer pr liter.

i have considderd getting a mhs light baulb, but i wanner try only using hps this grow, since im using auto flowers, and they there for go into bloom pretty fast


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can any one tell me what the ec value should be in a hydro system, im currently using rootjuice, and my system have a ec value on 1,2.


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Is this grow still alive?

If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

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