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i would appreciate the help. i am new to this cannabis growing world. my first grow is a tent grow, 4x4x7 400 watt hps air cooled light, 6 inch hurricane fan blowing though the light to outside the tent. 4 inch ducking fan blowing air in tent. 1 small isolating fan, small air purifier. started 7 seeds in water on 10/01/14 at 10pm.. i made out with 5 good plains, from what i know. its been 14 days, inside tent temp is 74 to 82 humidity is 43 to 57% they are all about 3 inches, i'm using regular soil in cups, they look very healthy. my question is when should start with the nutrients? and does anyone know if recipe for success is good?


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devils letuce

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hey man .. when u say regular soil are we talking yard dirt , miracle grow?

they look good. if your soil has no nutrients in it at all i would start with 1/2 or 1/4 the recommended dose and see how the react to it.
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