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first growbox construction


New Member
i wanna get back into growing and build me a small box growing autoflowers
(yeah theres alot of hate for autos but i like them)

i wanted to go make it 24x16 inch and 31 inch high
throw a 250w hps in there with a selfmade carbon filter...
oassive intakes

thought i could get like 4-8 plants each run

Dantes Monkey

New Member
31" is going to limit you quite a bit, especially with all the heat of an HPS bulb. Your plants will be growing into that light in no time and it will probably burn the tops.

I would suggest a scrog and a very shallow growing tray with an LED (like this one) instead of the HPS. And bring that number down to 2-3 plants.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck with your build and your grow!

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