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First Harvest


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Hey everyone! This is my first year, and i had a few questions....

First off, i have these two clones, that have already started budding (and are actually almost finnished) One's leaves are starting to turn yellow and die off, is this normal? And if not..what do i do about it? Also, when should I harvest? Ive heard a few things but the information came from a bunch of idiots (who might possibly even know what they are talking about) but i dont wanna risk it. They started budding like a month ago, should i just do what i was told and wait for the hairs to turn red, or what?

My others have just begun their cycle, any tips or advice on nutrients? Ive been giving them bloom and floralicious about once every two weeks, other than that im clueless....any help appreciated, thanks :)



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Re: First Harvest ^_^

Thrichomes got it......so like a dusty amber color you said? I'll check it out, thanks :)

Moose- *salute* yes sir...60 days it is....and this time i'll write it on my calender so my stoner ass doesnt forget....

lovely guys, thanks =D
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