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First indoor DWC grow - Blue Widow - Feedback & advice wanted


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im running a Blue widow in 5gal dwc with fox farm hyrdo trio nutes under mars reflector96 in a 4x2x6 tent put into net pot from germination on 11-3..anyone hve any experience growing this strain? how much stretch to expect on the flip. right now ive got her topped a cple times. grow points all over the place. as of last night the plant is only 9 1/2 inches tall but bushy as hell , ive tied many of the brnches to the sides of lid. should i flip to 12/12 or stop training and topping and wait for a little more vertical growth. and does my mars reflector96 put out enough juice to get a quality yeild.. also added cple photos of the critical auto i started a week behind the blue widow. ran into some heat issues and root problems and had no hydroguard. pulled the critical from tent and out of the bucket and stuck into solo cup to throw out. fast forward 2 weeks, forgot all about the auto and found it in window above kitchen sink :)bravo: to the wife). suprised hell out of me it was still alive and flowering. did emergency surgery and threw her into some soil and she seems to be doin fine. its past the 60 day seed to harvest mark, so guess its just a waiting game to see when it finishes.
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