First Indoor Grow DWC/LED

Turttle, glad to hear the plants are doing well, but sorry to hear about your job situation. I know it's tough out there, but stay positive and I'm sure good things will come for you. Best wishes!

The only Zyme I have any experience with is Advanced Nutrients "Sensi Zyme" and I gatta say this shit is SSSTTTRRROONNGGG it busts that rool ball down like hydrochloric acid on a snail with a fucking sun burn. Shit gets BURNTTTT FAST if your not carefuly

Actually, Sensizyme won't touch your healthy roots at all. It only breaks down any dead or dying root tissue and converts it back into what's basically more nutes for the plant to use.
A little update.The HS is making a nice recovery.Have a bunch of new root growth and she is starting to lift her leaves and grean up a bit.The chrystal is doing very well.Nothing but healthy white roots I should have stoped the big bloom a long long looong time ago lol.Things are so much better with out it.
I went to the hydro store yesterday and thought I picked up some green fuse roots but got the grow by mistake.But in was on sale so all is good.I think I paid 12 dallars and normally its twice that.My clones are starting to take which makes me pretty happy.........But I do have some bad news.LOL.
Now that everything is going nicely my darn internet was shut off.Things are pretty touph right now trying to get back to work.More cuts less jobs.Cant even get a job at the dump lol.I dont qualify to sort trash for an entry level labor posision.Can you believe that.But any way I will keep things going but not sure when I will be able to post....Right now just praying for work Lord knows I have been trying my best but hard to get a job when there are just none available.Past 2 interviews had over 100 people in line to fill just a few posisions and its a job that I have been doing for over 12 years and well.......did not get it.But any way peace out every one happy grows and god bless.:smokin:

Good luck with the job situation, Turttle. I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say I'm doing a lot of praying these days too.

About the Big Bloom, what's the issue with that? I've been using that in my hempys.
look at you killllin it turttle! yo what strain is that plant with the fattty leaves? looks like a deliciously dank indica plant to me! definetly going to be switching it up to an indica strain here in another cycle or two :)
Thanks guys for all the possitive vibes.Just got a job last month have a big pay reduction but its keeping things at bay until something better comes along.Its a where house job at a distribution center.Bad news as far as the ladies go I had to pull them as I do not have the funds to run an indoor garden.I did pull some clones and are now outdoors using FF ocean forest 50/50 with a less expensive bag of scots and are planted in wire netting pots directly in the ground.As far as that goes its pretty much just water and maxsea dry nutes and brewed teas every week or so.After this summer I will start a new journal with the indoor mini garden.Things really started doing well after using just the ff grow.I really wanted the ff bloom nutes to work out but way to thick with the organics and poop for the application and roots just had to much build up killing it off in the long run.Best to use it when it comes near to flushing.Roots and growth are fine with just the grow a lone.And I found the hydrozyme will just eat all the bad microse and roots all togeather as it is just to much.But using the hydrozyme in small amounts for a flush seemed to work pretty well if needed but things seemed to stay pretty clean with out using the ff bloom.:surf:
Good luck with the job situation, Turttle. I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say I'm doing a lot of praying these days too.

About the Big Bloom, what's the issue with that? I've been using that in my hempys.

Yeah the big bloom in my opinion is a bit to thick for hydro.I was stubern and tried to make it work to get some organic flavor but its a lot of work and still end up with build up that deprive the roots of oxygen and stunted growth in the long run.It tends to leave a build up of bad microbes and the hydrozyme will eat it up but also eats the roots up as well.I would use it when it comes near to flushing at the later ends of the growth periode.I noticed faster and better growth with just using the grow big hydro formula as it has the same ingredients but is processed for hydro app(i did add a pinch of open sesemy in the later stages of veg).And when it comes time to flower a pinch of the dry enhancers in with the tiger bloom as to the directions on the chart seems to work pretty nice.:peacetwo:
I actually havn't herd of great white yet who makes it? You know what people are recomending to me all the time is "Hydrozyme" So I may try it in the future. The only Zyme I have any experience with is Advanced Nutrients "Sensi Zyme" and I gatta say this shit is SSSTTTRRROONNGGG it busts that rool ball down like hydrochloric acid on a snail with a fucking sun burn. Shit gets BURNTTTT FAST if your not carefuly. Due to this I use it so rarely and the strength of the shit is just a complete put off to me. But it is good for this one technique I read about called a "Zyme bath" which is when your ready to say switch from Veg nutrients to flower nutrients and you have a recirculating set up like I do and you wanna clear away all the left over built up salts from your Veg nutrients and have a clean start for you bloom you empty your res and fill it with PH'd water and add 2ml per Liter of water I believe it is and you let that recirculated through your system for like 6 hours and then swop in the new flower nutrients and there you go you got yourself a fresh start after a zyme breakdown bath. So thats the one benefit I see from sensizyme. Otherwise fuck that shit.
Yeah I think these products are mostly for soil apps.Now that I have had a little more time to better edjucate my self on the products.For hydro I dont think it makes a big difference as far as the cost of the product.Great white has that new break threw that extends the root uptake by adding a benneficial fungas that basicly grows straws out of the roots for more nutrient uptake that will even draw nutrients from pure rock.I think humboldt also has a product but is more pure with this ingredient and I think its call white widow or something.But in any case its use is ment for soil app,:peacetwo:
Yeah I am not to happy with the actual draw.I dont know what to think or say about it as it has been such a headache finding an led that works at all.But I am pretty happy with the unit I knew in my gut the specs were not right.I think he should send us another light to make up for it lol because its only half of the performance advertised.....LOL but no Ben seems to be a good guy and it is a nice light for the amount of power beeing used and his customer service has been pretty good.....AND ITS MADE IN AMERICA half to support that.I did send him an email on my fealings on the matter.All is good and its really nice to see the real numbers up there so that we can better tune our setups.Kinda hard to do with false information.:peacetwo:

I kind of gave up on keeping track of wattages and such. It was some time ago I noted the "w" disappear from the names of the HH lamps. The Pro-Grow 180w became the simply the Pro-Grow 180.

My understanding is that most lamps wattage #'s are "potential" or "max" wattages, i.e. the actual value of the diodes added up (Sixty - 3 watt diodes = 180watts). However... and there is always a however, running at max wattage, the LEDs capacity of producing quality light will be diminished rapidly, so the lamps actual draw is scaled back to maybe 110 watts, but technically it's a 180 watt.

Producers of the better LED lamps are combining high(er) power rated chipsets, to produce more light, but then scaling back the total wattage back to a find a sweet medium of intense light, but low(er) power consumption & longevity as well as penetration & coverage.

I just clicked an ad for The 357 Magnum LED, but if you read the specs, it states "357watts of Pure Efficient Flower Producing Power (compare to 1000w of HID), 180w actual power draw"

But like I said, I gave up on the numbers game when I noticed that with just the Veg LEDs running, (so say around 60 watts) it out grew 138 watts of CFL lighting. Or the new Blackstar 240w (actual draw was 160w I believe) putting out less lumens according to a light meter (and it's owner, much to their disappointment) than the previous model, but it seems to be growing thing out just fine.

Things are just changing so fast these days, I requisition things. I try to decipher the difference between something doing what the maker claims, versus something working to my satisfaction.

But I hear you... If I pay for a Sam Adams, don't bring me a Budweiser!
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