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First Indoor Grow From Down Under

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Hi everyone heres my first attempt trying an indoors grow setup hope you enjoy :420::Namaste::peace:

Strains : Barneys Farm - Vanilla Kush - Indica
: Barneys Farm - Tangerine Dream - Hybrid
: OG Kush - Freebie from Seedsman
: White widow x Big bud - from Seedsman
: Dr Seedsman Fem - Freebie from Seedsman

Lights : 2 x Mars ii 400w _(Standard Spectrum) from TopLed

Medium : Soil - 75 % organic compost / 25 % Standard Potting mix
: Blood and Bone added
: General All Purpose Slow Release Fertilizer NPK ratio :7.8/3.8/9.6

Foliar and Plant Feed mix : NPK ratio : 25/5/8.8 All Purpose Soluble
: Probiotics Bio-fertilizer liquid/seaweed extracts and fish emulsion

Grow Pots : 9L general purpose bucket

Im still in vege hitting a maximum of 8 wks before turning heres a few pics so far :Namaste::peace:
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quick update girls are in 2nd wk of flower and looking lovely
peace :420::peace:
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Looks good, are you doing a SCROG?
yeah trying but i think i was ment to vege out abit longer to fill the screen plants were turned after 8wks vege :peace:
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hi guys heres an update of my outdoor grow :Namaste::peace:
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Hi everyone quick update did defoliating today hope to see some results soon :peace:

and heres my od grow comin along well
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Hi 420 Users heres a few update pics my ladies in their 21st day of flower

i completed defoliation in their 17th day of flower
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Hi 420 another update almost didnt happen had a spot of WPM after a bit of searching my under pants and scratching my head i determined that from previous posts on problems encountered before diagnosed that i most likely had a Ventilation and Humidity problem
$400 later i now have a 1.0x1.0x2.0 mylar grow tent, 150mm inline fan some reflective ducting scrog was scrapped due to renovating area WPM is now being dealt with hopefully some better results soon well well coming from extensive outdoor growing experience i must say indoors is a hell of a lot harder than out but that is my opinion due to results research is a must for anyone willin to try indoor so without further a due here are my ladies coming up to 5 wks from switching lights to 12/12 they were all sexed within 7 days the Tangerine Dreams took the full 7 days to sex so estimate around 4 wks flowering
My Ladies in their new HOME :)

Vanilla Kush is she meant to look this way ?

White Widow x Big Bud

Tangerine Dream pheno type 1

Tangerine Dream pheno type 2

and the Dr Seedsman complimentary from Seedsman all plant growing under 1 x 400w Mars Led Light hope everyone enjoys peace
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sorry everyone i got the last 2 pics mixed up they are as in order the Dr then Pheno type 2
too much product use i would suspect :):tokin:
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hi everyone im back with my latest pics of indoor and my od grows plus a few pics of my clones they look abit sick not sure if im doin it right but only time will tell peace out :peace:
heres my od and their comin along great :)

and heres a few close ups of my indoor ladies :)
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hi 420 people heres another update on both my grows indoors and outdoors they seem to be comin along fine now peace out

and hers my indoor ladies
Hope all is well in your world.

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hi colorado sorry for delay had a little bit of a problem with this grow then get got caught up in christmas duties and have now finally managed to get back to my hobbie so end result was
i believe i had a nute lock out buds formed started to thin out and just stopped growing i believe it might have had an issue with the slow release fertilizer mix i had included into the soil mix i have used slow release for a number of years and had no problem outside but in saying that the plants always had close to 6 mths living off that compared to my indoor grow which was a mere 2 mths so i have learnt to not add slow release plus i have a friend tell me i did not flush sufficiently thus causing the outcome produced not sure on what i have to do end this thread or how to finish correctly but i have started a new thread containing my second attempt at indoor and hope that all goes well i have also upgraded a bit now with some new nutes i had researched hope it all helps to gain the ultimate goal.
thank you all for your time and patience :Namaste:
Sorry to hear of your problems. I've also had medium issues and I am going back to plain old soil for my next grow. IMHO, you just can't beat it for overall quality. :goodluck: in your next attempt.