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First Indoor Grow


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so this is my first post to a forum and i would appreciate any help i can get. I have a 4 x 8 x 6 grow tent that I have set up inside my house. Im running 2kw hps lights, a portable A/C unit, a dehumidifier and a single oscillating fan. I am using a can fan to exhaust hot air out the top while the A/C cranks 24/7. My room temps swing from 87 with lights on to 60 with lights off, humidity stays between 45 and 55% all the time. my question i was wondering was should i take out one of the lights to lower the temp or is around 90 acceptable? The hoods im running in there are the octagonal 4 footers. should i center one hood? Leave it alone? any help would be appreciated.
i will take pics once the lights come on in a few hrs.

David Bowman

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