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First indoor grow


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New grower here.
Just a bit of history. I have been using cannabis medically for a year, best method I have found is by making my own cannacaps. (Coconut oil infused weed in 00 size capsules)

For economic as well as consistency reasons I have decided to grow my own.
I live in rural southern Oregon (completely legal)
I have started building my grow cabinet.(pictures below)
This shop is well insulated though not really heated (I have one wall heater I turn on while doing woodworking)

I plan on using 40w CFL bulbs and hopefully grow two plants at a time.
My light source has 6 fixtures and I can probably get 8 or maybe 10 bulbs at a time.
There is an adjustable shelf for my plants.
I plan on using a bathroom vent fan for exhaust (will also have vent holes in bottom for fresh air.

I really don't know how much heat will be generated by the CFL bulbs, but am hoping the vent fan will keep it cool enough.

The cabinet has 1 inch foam insulation covered with ¼ inch melamine.
The doors will be insulated as well.
This is close to a zero budget project ($20.00 so far), I am expecting my light bulbs will be the most expensive part of the cabinet.

I am sure I will have many questions as I start growing.
However one question keeps nagging at me, it has to do with light and darkness.
If my plants are on a 18/6 light cycle and the off time is during the night, do I need to make my cabinet “light tight”?

The inside dimensions are 48”H x 36”W x 20” deep.
Any comments or suggestions greatly appreciated.
I am really impressed at the job you've done. I would like to find something that is stealthy in appearance but can happily grow a plant or two. I don't know indoor, never done it, and being neither an electrician or cabinet maker I don't feel I want to risk screwing up if I tried to make it. But yours looks great - well done!


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She just finished her 4th week of 12/12.
I think she looks pretty good.

As this is my first grow ever, I am only guessing another month?
I hope all those bud sites start filling out.

I have increased the nutes to full strength FF, grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom.
Nutes today second time this week.
I think she may be done stretching (I still have another 4 inches I can raise my lights)

Any thoughts on additional nutes?
Anything I should be doing?
Been doing a lot of reading on when to harvest, drying and curing.


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I am feeling a little unsure of how to proceed.

OK for a first time grower this is making my head hurt

I think I have some time but here is my situation
I have a veg cabinet and a flowering cabinet
all setup with heat and lights on timers

I have 3 clones in my veg cabinet (9 weeks old, but took 4 weeks to root)
I also am currently flowering one plant.

Veging at 18/6 I want to move two of these outside
From what I hear there is a real chance they will start flowering then reveg

I have read about adjusting the light cycle to match the actual daylight
I seem to remember seeing something about setting two different light cycle
Like 14.5/4 & 1.5/4 but I don't know what that does

Also I want to keep one clone as a mother plant in my veg cabinet

Can someone explain this setup and would it be something I could do?


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Yes, Yes and yes.
You are heading towards what is called perpetual gardening. You 'Would' need 3 areas to do this 100%, but with a few corners cut, it will work well for you too.
You will have to modify your grow space a little, support a) Mom, b) her clones @ 18/24 hrs Light on/day.
I would, if possible, install a shelf of sorts, you can have 'around' mom... her being at the bottom wrung/tier, her clones beside her, elevated via a shelf. I would place the clones OR seedlings in a propagation tent/box, with heating mat, humidifier/fogger, perhaps a small fan (12v pc ventilator will do just fine.. i use 2..) This would be like a dual climate zone in one space.. doable...
Also, if possible, give mom a little extra blue/UVA light. It will keep her stout/bushy, better for cloning and not outgrowing her pen/kennel.
In the bloom space, (12/24 hrs Light on/day) you are constantly swapping out 2 plants. (Guesstimate on my behalf, looking at your cabinet(s))
This would mean you would more than likely be swapping into bloom, and harvesting 2 plants every 2 weeks. You would have to file on your cloning abilities to get them too into a 2 week cycle/rhythm... 4 weeks rooting... hmmm...
Ok, you wrote that you want to place/take the plants 'outside'..... meaning?? The great outdoors, or into the other grow/bloom space? If you mean outside outside, then yes, the longer daylight cycle would keep them in bloom for as long as the booklet/info flyer to your seeds say.. outdoor harvest, or you bring em back inside earlier for bloom... quarantine before putting near any domestic/indoor plants (mom)...


Look for Indica Institute on Youtube.. he explains this topic quite well....
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Thank you so much
I will lookup that you tube video you mentioned.
Yes I do want to move my two oldest clones outside (after re-potting)
I will leave them outside for full term (including flowering)
I think I'll add some suplimental light after moving them outside (to keep them in veg for a month or 6 weeks)

You make a good point about keeping the outside separate from my inside grow space.
This Outdoor growing kind of snuck up on me as I really didn't plan on it.
I only grow for my own personal use so I I want to keep things small.

I want to try outdoor growing this season just to see how big a yield I can get.
.Outdoors will be a lot different than my indoor cabinets.



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Indica Institute has a whole series om How-to-grow. He is a professor of sorts, in Canada. Offers an online course in growing aswell. No idea about the cost, haven't had the urge/need to use his services, yet...


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Just finished 7 weeks of 12/12.
A few of the pistols are turning brown, I am guessing another week or two?
Some mighty fine buds going here, I had to support one of the colas as it seems to be getting too heavy to hold up the weight.
Really getting sticky and quite a wonderful smell.



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Harvest time today.
After 70 days flowering, and 15 plus week's total growing.
Pistols were mostly all brown, and trichomes were almost completely cloudy.

Before harvest.

Anyone care to guess how much this will weigh once dried?
Also got a small amount of trim (baby buds)

One more shot of the buds


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WOW!! Congrats, Brother, looks great!!
Sum it (grow, 1st) up for us, how was it for ya?
What've you learnt? < Patience, Relaxation, or even Stressfull?
Keep up the good/great work!!



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Mounty thanks for the kind words.
So my first grow isn't quite in the books.
I want to post my yield, and potency in edibles.

I started this process because I wanted consistently in my meds.
I am well on my way, I have branched out to planting two clones outside, as well as having a bonzai mother.
I have two more plants that I have been keeping low and vegging that I will move into my flowering cabinet.

Cannabis seems to be easy to grow ( if you do your homework first)
Know I have long way to go but I learn something new all the time.
This (and other) forums have been extremely helpful.
I will always be tinkering with my grow setup, and have already made improvements to my cabinets.
I would say my best so far has been the addition of a thermostatically controlled outlet, and a chicken coop heater.
Not real necessary now (55° f last night)

I once heard that using cannabis is not addictive, but growing cannabis is.
I'm hooked!
I am lucky to be in a rec legal state, and retired, so I can spend the needed time.
It helps that I own my home, and live in a rural setting.


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Really nice!


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Second grow in micro cabinet.

I just finished my second harvest of the year from my micro cabinet.
Two Northern Lights plants.
I have made a few adjustments along the way.
I added a second PC fan and some more venting to the bottom.
I had a problem this summer of keeping it cool enough.
I changed my flowering lights to be on during the night.
Fans running constantly kept the temps manageable.

Enough talk here are some pictures.

Just before harvest

Now the harvest and drying

And 2 weeks later

6 grams over 4 full ounces.

Ready to make a batch of canna caps.

I started drying in the attic, but had to move to the garage because it was too bot up there.
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