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Hello everyone!
This is my first post and I am a total newbie, But for a few months I have prepared a small place for growing, Its about a meter by 40cm by 140 or something close to that. I have been using that grow room for vegetables because I couldn't get my hands on seeds and ended up abandoning the whole grow project. But I bought some weed which came with a lot of seeds and decided to grow them. I have put them in a paper towel outside for about 16 hours but it wasn't good because the air would dry it, So then I put it in a glass of water for another day... Nothing happened. But yesterday I used the paper towel method with a ziplock back and put them in the drawer. And what do you know! They started growing really fast. In less than 24 hours I got long roots so I decided to plant them in my pots.
By the type of high I believe its indica... But no one can tell for sure.
Heres a picture of the seeds after they germinated:-


And I already put them in pots.
I put 6 seeds in 6 pots. So if I do this correctly I should end up with at least 2 females, Right ???

My grow cabinet is pretty messy so I didn't take a picture. I will clean it up of all the veggies and upload another picture when the little babies sprout!
I am using a fluorescent light, And I put a UV one too.......It was the closest I can get in here for growing. Because they don't sell those in here. I don't want to kill my plants so I will probably go on a search mission for some good cannabis-friendly grow lights. But these lights have been working great for my other veggies...

My lights are at 18/6 and I will water them every time I feel like its just too dry.
I am using peat moss as a growing medium.
And also have one fan always working. ( for the other plants. )
The room temperature is at 24 to 26 c ( 75.2 f to 78.8 f )... The others that did not germinate are back in the drawer and the ones that did are now in pots.

As for fertilisers I have a homemade fertiliser which I use for all the plants at my house... As I really want to go with organic fertilisers. What do you recommend ? I do have a fertiliser which is supposed to be good but I don't want to use it because its inorganic...

If you have any tips for me then please do tell this is was Day #1: In the pots.

And I numbered the pots and made a bet between me and my friend ( Pot #1 is a female and so is #2, The third is a hermie and the rest are males... ( I don't know why came up with that but its fun ) )

Looking forward to hear from all of you!



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Re: First Indoor Soil - ThePerson's indica(BAGSEEDS) grow Journal

Welcome to 420 mag ThePerson. Take a look at a few journals and add your sig to your posts.420 Magazine ®

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