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High Priest V

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Hello 420magazine members, greetings from the south of France :)
I'm very happy that after reading and watching some videos about Cannabis growing, I've decided to join this friendly and helpful community. I've been smoking for the last 7 years initially for recreation until I realised later on that it actually helps me to cope with my long term illness. But after a number of shady deals, lack of supply and poor products, I felt it's time to grow on my own. Reading the posts in here inspired me to start a journal on my first grow (started last week). I have a good feeling that my journey as a Grower are being well guided by the community here in 420magazine. :) Thank you all and be at peace... always!

Here's my Shiva Shanti II after her 3rd day in soil.

and here she is on her 4th day.
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