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First Journal With Multiple Strains


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Thanks @Ganjagrandaddy i know they needed a defol but wasn't sure if it was OK during the stretch
as long as your not stripping her bare each time she will cope fine. Up till the 4th week of flowering, theywill easily replace ( and some!!! ) anything we take out. Any fan vlocking light to another site need to go or be tucked away.


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Quick update: Day 12 of 12/12 gave all 7 plants a big defol today as they getting far too bushy too quickly, tied a few of the bigger heads down again so I've just about got a even canopy again, they all fed with 5ml a and b probably for the last time now as pre flowers are starting to show so will introduce canna terra flores next week along with a and b, temps staying around 26.5. Nothing else going on really happy growing
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