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This is my first journal so i apologize if its not up to par with everyone else's. Lets get started shall we? The seed companies i have decided to use for this grow are Mostly Mandala Seed's, Mandala #1. Other seeds that i have going are Buddha Seed's Deimos Auto-flower. It was a freebie with the order. i also have 3 Pineapple Chunk seeds that i found in some frosty buds that ive decided to try to crack.

I soaked them in old pill bottles that i had laying around from past prescriptions, for 12 hours.
I then transferred them to wet paper towels to germinate all beans. all in separate bags.

First 24 hours (including the time in the pill bottles) i had 4 Mandala beans pop. I poped them in soil.
48 hours in: 4 more mandala beans cracked. in the soil they went. Cling rap was added on top the containers to try to help raise humidity, along with holes poked in them so that the humidity didnt raise to 100%.
72 hours in: 1 more mandala bean and the Deimos pop'd. in the soil they went. the Deimos was put into a bigger container then all the others. i did this cause i dont know how easily stressed autoflowers can be.

This is where i am now and i will leave you with some pics. Until next time everyone. :peace:
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update time! (day 10 in soil)
so only 9 of the 10 seeds from mandala pop'd, and the pineapple chunk beans did not pop. i tossed them. as my cab is allready full from the 9, 16oz cups that i transferred them into 4 days ago. the Deimos is in a pot by the window being grown by mother nature.
just playing the waiting game now and watching my babies grow. July 4th is the planed date to move them outside if their size allows me to keep them in the cab that long. one will be kept as a mother in case nature is not kind to me.

when taking the pics after watering i decided to toss one of the tall lanky ass plants (the one thats kinda tiped over in bottom right) because i have a very good idea that it is going to turn out to be a male anyways and im looking for strong genetics and a plant that cant even hold water on its fan leaves is not a keeper in my book lol. i havnt given up on the plant that i threw out, i just threw it out in the corn field. if it grows it was meant to be. the rest have a fan blowing right on them, i can shake the cups and the plants dont budge at all, i can bend them over and they bounce right back to a straight pose. Those are what i call genetics :)
hope you guys enjoy what you see so far


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sry for the long time without updates.
let me start off by saying that the mandala's that were females were moved outdoors for their gorilla grow. all looked healthy before being moved outside. lost 3 plants too animals so perimeters were set up. predator urine around some cages made off chicken wire to help fend off hungry predators.

this is what some the ladies looked like before going outside

now for some better news. whats better then veging ladies you say? oh why a lady in her last week of flowering :)
this is going to be my first ever completed grow. seeing that i dont have a heli flying over my house anytime soon. i will be constantly updating this week to show you the progress. i hope you will all follow along and watch this beautiful lady flourish.
this is the lady from the clay jar in the pic. it is a Buddha Seeds, Diemos Autoflower. Please dont feel the need to put down your glass of hater-aid to comment about how auto-flowers are crap, i had to start somewhere. Thx and enjoy these pics :peace:



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forgot to mention that the only thing i have been feeding the Diemos up to now was with just water. due to the fact that this is the final week i am using BioCanna Bio Boost at 10ml/gl and putting what i can in the bottom of the self watering bucket that i picked up from Menards for 3 bucks, just topping the reservoir everyday. hope you enjoy


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i found some time to write a post between jobs. found another male in the mandala's. good thing i found it when i did it was packing on nuts like crazy. the boy was up to my neck tho and im 6'2". i pulled this guy up and tossed it aside. hope it doesnt grow again, seeing that it has landrace genetics and the roots could strike soil again.
this leaves me with a possible 4 ladies left. one died from all the heat that we had for the past two weeks. just pray that i can see the rest become gorgeous females. will be adding some of my soil mix that ive had cooking for 2months, as a top mix. The worm castings, rock phosphate, polymer crystals and happy frog make up that mix.
as for the Deimos, i cut off the bottom two sets of branches in hopes that they will put all the nutes into the main cola. hope i am right and it doesnt take energy away from the main cola instead.
ill post more pics of the deimos tonight when i get home from work. hoping to get a couple of pics of the Mandala's its just that i forgot my camera when checking on the babies. till tonight cheers mates


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thx for stop'n in stevehman,
where i resign your not suppose to even have a gram of weed in my state. lol
im very jealous of your states medical system and really hope that maybe one day my state will decide the same route so i dont have to worry about getting the medicine that i need that helps me with my asthma, ADD, IBS and anxiety the way this one plant does.

sry about that little rant there, now on to what you guys are here for... the pics.

just a pic to show the density of the main cola, its about the the length and width of my forearm

a pic of the very top of the center cola to show how the hairs are changing colors

this is a pic taken from the top of the center cola to show the crystal content

thats all i have for today, till next time :peace:


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Ya I'm with Stevie I also live in the heat! Phx az! So I have to grow inside because of the 118 temps! Your girls look sugary as hell! Nice work phase! It's too bad about the pineapple chuck cause I just got seeds of my own! I will let you know if they pop cause yours didn't!


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dang armydogg those are some frosty buds

i finally found some time to upload the pics of the harvest from last friday. plant was cut down at 4:20am friday morning.

pic of my lady Deimos

west side, or wisconsin havnt decided yet :)

comparison of the center bud to my buddy's fore arm

grown with love and care

just a pic of the stem

my kind of censor bar

pic of the first bud after trimming

pic of the largest bud. "take this its dangerous to go alone" lol

pic of green

this is a pic of the smallest bud from the harvest.

buds were all super cured with dry ice to preserve the chlorophyll for a more trippy high. i got all the dry ice for free from the local grocery store who were happy to get rid of 8lbs of free dry ice. i thank him handsomely for i would have to have waited 2-4weeks to have dried and cured product.

i also purchased a kief box which i used to collect the kief from the trimmings. i got 3.12grams of kief from the trimmings. the trimmings were then made into canna oil which i plan to add to a meal for my friends and i. i got around 12oz of canna cooking oil. if anyone knows any really good recipes for baked goods or something with steak send me a pm.

within 48hrs i had dried my buds completely. i kept adding dry ice to the compartment in my cigar box until the buds were dry to the touch then thrown in jars for curing where they're now. now the final weight is......33.17gr!
very impressed with the potentcy of this bud considering its an autoflower, in fact so impressed id put it up in my top 10 of buds ive ever smoked. gave me a high that felt like it was right behind my eyes, and lasted for over 3hrs. been along time since i had bud that could relieve my breathing and anxiety for that long. The Mandala #1 is suppose to be even better for asthma patients. I really hope they yield nicely like the owners say they will.

well thats all i have for now ill try to keep you updated with the Mandala #1. Till next time :peace:


Hey man congrats on your harvest :)))
I have an auto flower growing (short rider) and mine is tiny but has lil popcorn nugs forming on them.


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buds were all super cured with dry ice to preserve the chlorophyll for a more trippy high.
I've never heard of chlorophyll enhancing a high. I've read that people cure to reduce the levels of chlorophyll to improve taste and reduce harshness?

How quickly did the dry ice dry the buds? I've heard of drying in the freezer to as well, never tried either though.


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it took 48 hours. i had to keep putting dry ice in the bottom of a laden jar. i put some cheese cloth on top the dry ice. then i threw in some nugs. popped some holes in the top of the cap to let the Co2 out from a jar. once they were kinda dried but not crispy, i put them in my wicka box to ubsorb the condensation from taking them out of the freezer. once sure that the condensation is all gone i threw them back in jars.

i may be wrong about the chlorophyll part as i am unsure if the chlorophyll is taken away from the buds with the dry ice or if it preserves the chlorophyll... idk but the smoke i got from the buds was the smoothest ive ever had. it burned to a whitish grey bowl of ash after a smoke session and disappears to dust when tapped out. im impressed compared to what i used to have to get and i know it was grown organically with no chemicals to mess up my breathing XD
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