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First Licence Granted To Grow Medicinal Cannabis In Australia

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Access to medicinal cannabis has taken another major step forward today with first licence being granted for an Australian company to grow and harvest medicinal cannabis.

This major development will lead to improved access to domestically produced medicinal cannabis products for Australian patients.

Cannoperations Pty Ltd in Victoria was granted the licence by the Australian Department of Health's Office of Drug Control. The company had to undertake a strict on-site security assessment, and their products will initially be only available in Victoria's medicinal market — although other licences for other Australian states and territories are expected to be issued shortly.

In a statement, the Federal Minister for Health Greg Hunt MP said this move heralds the beginning of Australian domestic supply of medicinal cannabis products.

The statement said: "We are now making it easier to access medicinal cannabis products more rapidly, while still maintaining strict safeguards for individual and community safety.

"While the Australian supply of medicinal cannabis continues to develop, the government has authorised the importation and storage of the product from international sources for interim supply in Australia. This will give faster access by qualified doctors to medicinal cannabis for their patients," the statement said.


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