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First Outdoor Grow, Looking for some advice


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Hey Guys,

I am new to growing so I am here with some noob questions about outdoor growing. Here is my goal for my grow: just to try and have healthy plants with a decent outdoor yield. For me this is going to be a learning experience. I am in college living at home for the summer (in Socal) and this will be my last summer at home. I'm going to move out and live by my school in Norcal. When I move out I plan to have a good size grow room or set up a greenhouse in the back, which is why I am doing this grow because I want to get some experience with a small grow.

Anyway so this summer I plan to grow about 6 clones unsure of the strains right now I am still planning this out but I would like to start either by the end of this week or the beginning of next. I have a big hill right across the street from my house virtually no one goes up there (expect for gardeners that come maybe once or twice a year). I am willing to take the risk of them getting seen because this is an experiment for me. Here is a place that I have found let me know what you guys think:


It is at the top of the hill and it is pretty concealed on both sides. It gets light from just about sunrise (between 6 and 7am) until about 6 or 7 at night. I plan to put like 3 of the clones here and 3 in another spot just in case something happens to one spot can fall back on the other. (need to find the other one haha)

What I am curious about is do you think I should just dig in the soil that is there and plant them? or Should I dig out a 3x3 foot hole for each and then put in some organic soil? Could I possibly "spice" up the natural soil with nutes like bone meal, blood meal, seaweed extract or things of that nature?

Keep in mind that I am trying to keep this relatively cheap (I am a college student lol) but I do want to try new things.

For watering I have easy access to the spot but how often do you guys think I should water these? Lately the average temperature has been around 72 degrees fluctuating with highs up towards 78 or so, as far as at night the temperature dips into the low 50s.

Any other advice or help is much appreciated as I am a noob. Sorry for the long post, I am just a curious individual. I do want to keep a journal once I get this going so stay tuned for that! :)
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Hi BooBooStank,
Like yourself I am also new to this site, but I have some experience with growing outdoors as the majority of my growing is like yours outside.

As far as your soil goes, try tilling it up and digging around, your going to want to have your "natural soil" populated with lots of worms. If there is not a large majority you can literally go and by some and designate a certain area where you've put them. Come back the next day and see if they have remained in the area. If so you have a good combination of nutrients in your soil for your plants. As far as the soil itself your going to want to compress the dirt in your hands and see what the consistency is like. If it squeezes together and then crumbles apart that will work for growing as hemp/marijuana plants have extremely weak and delicate root systems. If it holds together you may want to think about using stones as the base for you hole so the water can drain itself nicely and you won't rot your roots. As far as special soil combinations and etc I personally don't have a lot of experience with working such items, luckily for me I have my plants located next to a natural runoff that waters them naturally as well as lush dirt full of worms.

Your temperature is going to be fine if it stays like that year round. You typically don't want to exceed 85 degrees as it can turn your female plants to a hermaphrodite. As far as watering, if you can make it to your sites without anyone noticing on the regular then typically watch the weather, and plan accordingly. I usually do the finger trick, using your pointer finger insert it into the top soil to its first knuckle and if dry you can add water. Typically I bring a spray bottle and like to spend some time with my plants talking to them and spraying them down on hot days. Your plants will typically use up all the CO2 around the leaves in three seconds so if you whisper sweet nothings to your plant if wouldn't hurt, although since I am in such a secluded area I have no fear of any hikers or bikers coming through and hearing me.

As far as planting them on a hill, you may want to reconsider if there are no other large plants around that could possibly camouflage your plants or make them blend in better. Your going to want to get your plants out there now though, I'm not too sure how your weather works out there as we have four seasons out here I have a deadline to grow my babies.

I hope this helps, but still look for a senior members advice, as I am sure they have very helpful and specific tips for your questions as this was a quick guide to your questions.


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Thank you Geronimo, I think I am going to look for a new spot because I do have a creek with running water that is located near my house and I will be able to get down there easily without being noticed because there are trails in the wilderness area and I would be able to look like the "average runner or biker." I think the soil will be better as all of the vegetation around there is always green, and for watering it should be alright but I will for sure check on them daily. I know it is a little late in the season but this is more for shits and gigs lol, sure I would like to get a decent yield but its more for the experience so I can learn from in and grow bigger in the future. Again thank you for the advice and happy growing man!


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Haha thanks, remember though if it located on a popular piece of land and its actual running water you wanna be careful of nosy people or just not your average hikers. If you can actually walk down the stream to conceal your foots prints and get to a spot that the average person wouldn't want or be able to explore, but none the less good luck! This is something that will probably stick with you for the rest of your life as it is very rewarding and overall a great accomplishment when done right.
Good luck and may your harvest be bountiful!
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