First outdoor grow

Bare with me newiegrwer, You put a female with a male to get pollinated then you put that female with another female to pollinate it and all seeds from that female will be only female seeds?
Not quite. Start with all females. Make at least 1 hermie. Let that one stay and pollinate other females. Then you have feminized.
And you can make them tranny a few different ways. You can treat 1 with colloidal silver which is basically just water that you dissolve silver wire into with a basic electroplating method. You can stress 1 out in multiple ways and hermie it. Or you can start it and leave it past it's harvest date and they will sometimes produce pollen to pollinate their own buds as a last ditch method of species preservation.
Got ya newbiegrwer, so it is a little harder than getting your seeds to germinate. When trying to get the female to switch what kind of percentage rate are we talking about? Have you ever done it, u r very knowledgeable om the subject, thanks once again.
I have not done it. People talk about their plants going hermie due to light pollution during the dark cycle or heat stress or messing with the light cycle and changing it up. I couldn't give you a percentage if I tried.
If you use the colloidal silver method you can just spray one bud to get that one bud to hermie isolate it with a plastic bag cut off the whole branch bag and all to collect pollen, then only pollinate carefully certain buds down low and still get sensimila buds to smoke up top. You start spraying a week before you flip to flower twice a day until she hermies
Thanks for all the answers newbiegrwer really appreciate you taking the time to fill me in. redmud thank you for your input on the subject, How do you know when she has hermied and how do you pollinate carefully. The method you are referencing is this for indoor outdoor or both?
Indoor would be easier for timing when to start to spray but I'm sure you could figure it out by sunrise sunset times

Here is a hermied flower i haven't hermied a plant on purpose yet though and to pollinate carefully use a qtip to dust the buds
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