First outdoor grow

So you may have a male in the midst? They look nice and healthy in the pics I'm trying sister cropping thats why i have lots of other garden plants in my pics your suppose to plant in and around your main crop things that drive away pests like onions, cilantro, chives, garlic, peppers but i did see some bites on the plants leaves, and then plant in proximity but away from your main crop plants they really like and i just used seeds i had like mint, sunflower, morning glory, pumpkin corn you can look it up on the interwebs and plant a more hospitable crop for the catapillars and some things that drive them away next to your crop plants
Im sure I have males. Its the first time I tried finding female seeds from a Utube video. Im not sure how its going to turn out. I will know soon. Ive heard of people planting Marigolds to ward of caterpillars. I havent tried sister cropping yet. Im thinking Aza Max spray a few times on August. I also have some Safer caterpillar left from a few years back the grow shop said I can use in conjunction with Aza max. The last few years Ive been leary of spraying for caterpillars because it cant be good for you but it must be ok and I will stop by Sept. Im thinking.
Awesome cover! Great idea.


They will be safely tucked away behind a curtain of beans in my garden in the corner next to 2 wooded lots away from prying eyes. This is a photo from a couple of weeks ago. The beans are filling out much better now.
What r u using for nutes on it? If you are not maxed out yet with the nutes maybe more may help, what about some topping or FIMing?
Already topped 6 and fimmed 1 that's where the longest branches are. Nutes I haven't really introduced much because they were already showing a little burn in the tips from the runoff fertilizer I used on my veggies. After they started blooming I used a little bloom nutrient from my hydro grow that said it was ok for soil also and I mixed it a little heavy but it didn't seem to burn too bad. It's my first time going outside and I just hope I don't screw them up.
Hopefully she will come around eventually, the first time is always a learning experience with anything. Not only is this my first outdoor grow but it is my first grow. When you hardened yours did you ever put them out on rainy days, and how long did you put them out for each day? Mine will be two weeks old tomorrow and I want to harden them this week.
FIMing is a process similar to topping but instead of getting two nodes where there used to be one, FIMING will give you 4 new nodes. watch the video in this link Super Cropping, Topping, Fiming, Lolly Popping and Monster cropping. - YouTube

Thanks Cannanewb! When I usually top I just pinch. But this year I noticed I should do it better because it was different results on the plants. next time I will try fiming. I guess you get 4 nodesn instead of 2 with topping?? Its the first year I super cropped, and I like it. Someone told be not to super crop and instead bend it over. I noticed this year its better to bend/tie the plant when its thirsty it bends without breaking allot better than bending after watering. Peace
What's funny is FIM stands for Fuck I Missed. It was an accidental discovery buy someone who missed his cut point when trying to top a plant. I tried it and I don't think I did it right. It's a little more difficult to hit the right spot.

Hey Newbie, do you know if...... my hood ports are 8" then all my ducting should be 8" and do I run an 8" fan? Or can I run 6' duct and fan with adapters/duct tape at the 8"hoods?
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