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First personal grow, just starting how does it look?

yung yatu

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I always helped people with their grows but this year I'm doing my own outdoor grow. This here is my baby blue diesel plant appox. 6-7 weeks old. The strain is suppose to be ready in 8-9 but it still looks too small to throw into auto flowering or what do you guys think? I also have an Og kush plant and two seeding germinating I'll upload pictures of the Og this week or the next. If you could give me some feedback that'd be great!! Salute from so cal :thumb:

Blue Diesel


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Welcome yung yatu! Yep, that is a fine looking specimen.

:420: is the number one internet resource for cannabis awareness for a reason. There are lots of folks on here keenly interested in promoting the cause and helping others out. If you have questions, just post 'em in FAQs and you're sure to get all the help you need. And if you do start a grow journal that will get lots of interest too.

Here's a few more links to get you started New Member Start Links :)
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