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First plants need help diagnosing


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Hello Everyone,

I've posted a pick of what seems to be small whiteish spots on some of my leaves. They appeared on all my plants. I currently have 2 very new ones, and 1 that is progressing very well for the moment.

I've given them the best soil I can find. The PH level is 7, I water them whenever I feel they need it. Usually 1-2 times a day, gently on the edges of the pot. The room hasn't been smoked in very often and is always kept as clean as possible, without using strong chemicals.

They get sun at a daily basis, depending on the whether and the room has a fresh draft and windows open most of the time. The doors are open at least 4-5 hours per day and I live in a suburb, the air is quite clean compared to most city's!

Please note that these are my first plants and I live in a country where it's not advisable to invest in a grow room, I will also be moving in an year so I don't have such ideas.

Any help would be really appreciated, I don't want my first plants to die so young! This has spread, or was originally in all 3 plants. The other 2 are even younger...

Also, should anyone have any ideas on what sort of plant this is, please do share your thoughts!


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Hey and welcome to :420:

The plant seems very healthy, it is hard to see from that picture the spots on the leafs, but you should check for signs of spider mites or thrips. It can help to have some sort of magnification, for example zoom in with the camera and check carefully for eggs or anything moving.

Spider mites:




Here is a detailed post about possible causes and solutions:


Good luck :Namaste:


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Hey there,

Thanks for your fast reply!

Moments after I posted in the forum, I found cobwebs and a small green spider, which is now dead.

I have a little cold pressed Neem oil at my use, which I could mix with about a 1L of water in a sprayer and spray the plants, as well as under the leives 3 times a week. Otherwise I'm thinking of using water through a spray morning and night to help keep the plants wet.

The air here is quite dry, I'll remove all other plant types from the room and bleach the floors and cupboards,windows tomorrow.

Do you have any other advice? Is this a good plan and starting point?

I've read about dish soap and not dish soap. Not living in the US makes it quite hard, keeping in mind most forums are either English or American. What I want to say is that I don't have access to detergents and products, so I have to DIY.

When people advise alcohol, does that include medical spirit, just clean spirit like the one's you get at a pharmacy? I can't imagine rubbing alcohol on the plant making it very happy... ?


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Sns 217 best thing I ever used for mites. It's organic and it friggin works period!! U can find on amazon for like 15. The problem with mites is u can use a remedy but they usually return because people don't realize that the life cycle also has to do with eggs so u have to continue for 3 weeks min. That shit works! I went from infestation to clean room.


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Neem oil sounds good, very effective against spider mites.

I tried the soap method, and for me it didn't work, doesn't mean you can't give it a go. Think they do refer to the medical alcohol ( spirit ) I haven't tried this myself though. When I tried dish soap I killed my plant, so I would be careful about some products.

I would just try Neem oil for now, if you want you can add some Rosemary extract too. All the organic products use it in their mixes. Heard good things about it around from veteran growers.

I am not from US or England either, so I had to DIY as well.


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Hey guys,

Cool, thanks for all the advice.

I'm going with Neem oil and periodic spraying with plain water for now. I don't mind to keep doing it as long as it protects them.
Next time I go abroad I'm going to look for some organic detergents indeed!

I'll tell you when I see some results.


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Hey everyone,

I' happy to say that the plants are growing taller and look better than before.

I still haven't applied any Neem oil or other things, except water through a sprayer. I just haven't had the time. I don't want to risk using dish soap, and if things get worse I will start with the alcohol. Could you please advise how much of the cold-pressed, organic Neem oil I should mix with warm water, and how often you think is best I spray them. Currently, I am spraying them in the morning before sunrise, after I take them back into the house (late afternoon) and before bed. I water them at the edges of the pot once a day, depending on how damp the soil is and if there is any water in the plate which sits under the flower pot.

Now they seem to be getting better and I definitely haven't seen a mite or cobwebs, but I'm sure they are still here. I'm still wondering are these things on the leaf eggs ? >

This is the smallest plant, I'm wondering if this is a sign of too much water from the sprayer ? >

And last but not least, do you have any advice about putting a pole in the plant pot to help hold the bigger one up, as it is getting heavy !? >

Can't wait for your reply!


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I'm having the same problem I think but with a deficiency.. This is my first plant and I'm not sure what is wrong..not even sure of the sex.. Help?




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RailenT, I noticed you said that you water 1 to 2 times a day, and that your water ph is 7. May I suggest that you water a little less, and reduce the ph to around 6 to 6.5. Reducing the watering will help with root development and lessen the risk of getting pesky critters coming to live on your plant, and, reducing the ph will allow your plants to take up nutrients better. Small changes some times have great affects. Be patient and don't over react and your two children will grow like....well, weeds! Good luck on your first grow!!
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