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First post with some questions


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First off Hi guys,
I dont like asking questions first but after browsing this site for some time ive really started wondering on some a few things.
I am from MD and right now i pay way too much for my bud now I know there are different prices for different locations but does anyone else in the DMV have to pay absurd amounts for marginal/good bud? Now i can guess that my connect isnt too legit but everyone who I have come into contact with who sells has seemed to have ridiculous prices too
can anyone relate with me on this?
because paying $70 per 8th of orange kush is outlandish even to myself
any ways that I can get out of this trap of overpaying constantly?


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That sounds right actually. Probably around 50 in LA, but they have some competition and a lot of supply.

Is it fair? Hell no. But the system is setup to reward middlemen and price gouging.

Personally, I will not associate with anyone that rips off everyone around them, it goes against the Cannabis Smokers Creed :)

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In Maryland I believe they have legal mmj, so my advice would be to grow your own Kush lol. Other than that, all I can tell you is to shop around. Kush strains seem to be the flavour of the month in the US, and market forces from the hype are driving prices up. I find that amusing as I sit in Australia and ponder which of the amazing Asian strains I will try next. Maybe a Laotian Haze, or a nice Thai...maybe some heavy New Guinea jungle weed. lol
My opinion is forget the kush, and try some of the lesser known but equally potent strains. You will most likely get better value for money anyway.
PS anyone can grow a potent plant and call it Kush. Be wary of market hype.


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thanks for the help guys
unfortunately growing really isnt an option for me right now
i wasnt so much asking about like kush really because id much rather try some new strains but I was tryng to see if anyone else lives in the dmv area and has this same issue of constant overpricing because i have had some legit dealers and some not but compared to the type of prices for anything fomr 1/8 to an oz im still paying way more than what others seem too and im not sure if its my location or not
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