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First Random Indoor Grow

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Just starting my new adventure, my first indoor grow!
Seeds are from some random smoke so no real idea of any strain but I wanted to try my skills out before investing in some good sees only to find out that my growing habits suck! LOL
To the facts now,
Like I said, Growing from Random seeds (from some very good smoke)
DWC hydro using 4-6" pots, clay/rockwool combo for now...
Building my growroom around the babies as they grow but have plans on something more permanent for later on.
As of now I'm using 6-23 watt CFLs, 1-14 watt LED spot and a 300w LED Full spectrum grow light, everytime I get a new light I'm adding them to the mix...The more light the better! :)
PH in the aqua is around 5.7 to 6.0 with the half mix of Fox Farm Fert for vegging....
I will be adding to this as time grows by along with pics when I can....
Thanks for any advice anyone has to give, being new to this I can use all the advice I can get!
Day 5...still growing!
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Day #8
Started to lower the water level a bit, seeing alot of root activity now, other than that they seem to be happy! :)
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Day 22...still growing
Had a PH problem as in being too high, Lowered it over a couple of days and hopefully it will help with the problems with the leafs seen in the pics....
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Day 31...
Looks like the high PH was the problem...Everything is good in the garden for now! :)

Remember, comments and advice are always welcome and appreciated!
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Day #39... Switched my lighting to 12/12 yesterday along with adding more 2700K CFLs to the mix and a Nutrient change including some Tiger Bloom from Fox Farms... Can't wait to see if they are girls or boys! :)
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The LED lights make the plants look really weird, if I cut it off the red in the stems goes away and the Leafs are a rich green...funny how the LEDs make them look....