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First real shot at DWC


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Hey guys im anonjuice i just signed up today in hopes to get some advice on my current grow. So i guess ill start off with my set up

i grow one plant at a time:
5gallon DWC
250w CFL
airpump with bubble bar and airstone
rapid rooters

Humboldt honey
Voodoo juice
Floraduo A&B

Well im new to DWC so my first attempt was god awful i didnt have anything beside my light and a small pimp and airstone and the seedling died pretty fast. I didnt use rapid rooters and i gave it root rot. but ive since read up and researched alot and bought some nutes and other stuff i needed so now i think i got everything i need to do this

So i currently have a Lemon Kush seed in my rapid rooter the seed is now sticking out of the top and ready to sprout. I got my Rez water Ph'd and ready to go its currently at 68 degrees the Ph is 5.8. Tomorrow the seed should be sprouted and then ill place it into my DWC with the hydroton around it and ill move my light to a closer safe distance. Im growing in a small closet i mean really small. The main question i have for you guys on here is when should i start with my nutes?? Should i put them in right away from the start or wait untill it gets its first set of leaves?? can anyone help me out with this?? ill post pics of my set up and everything when i get it all ready. But ya if you guys can help me clear this up that would be great i dont want to feed them to early and hurt the plant. Thank You:peace::peace::peace:


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Hi: No nutes at this time if I have you right this seed is just sprouting ? I think in a grow block of some sort . If so allow seedling to produce roots through the grow block. Then to DWC if you have some sort of feed/water ring such as the general hydro system other wise you need to veg awhile until the roots are firmly established then water untill roots grow through hydroton . 1st nutes should be around 1/4 strength . good luck
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