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first real shot at great bud... Dutch passion white widow general tips.


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Hi All, This is my girl...

This is my grow journal with probably too much info...

My grow journal

I want to try to make this as comprehensive as possible as kind of a strain review for Dutch passion... I only bought one seed and it looks like she is a winner so far, and I have seen good and bad reviews of this strain... of course some of those reviews could have been supplied with the seed under a false name from a dodgy seed bank, or maybe they had a nute prob or could have been anything!
My point is, so far, my bitch is looking like gold!
I was gonna scrog it, but in the interest of getting me into free smoke ASAP, I am making a small veg cupboard for a perpetual clone cycle till the stocks are up then I can germ the other 2 seeds I got! (details of those are in the journal) so anyway I am now LSTing her to get a nice, low, even canopy for my 250wHPS to flower the crap out of!

anyways I am roughly a month from germination and she is looking like being in preflower in a week or two and by the looks of it she will be pretty big for my small space by then! and from what I hear these babies stretch a bit in flower! AND I am using blackstrap to get some nice, fat nugs... so I am hoping for at least a couple of months worth of smoke to last me till next harvest... and from what i hear about this shyte, I won't be smoking as much for the desired effect either so double yeahs for that! Well I hope anyway, as I said I plan to make a full review (if?)when she comes to term...

Anyway I am here to get general advice on this strain from growers who have grown it, or even from the staff at Dutch Passion! I know they sometimes kick around these forums... Can you tell me what pheno I have at this early stage? I hear there are a couple.

Also, for the size of my space (tent .8m X .5m X 1.6m) How long would you recommend before I switch to the HPS and 12/12? I am thinking once the branches are all able to be pulled out over the edges of the pot then she will just crowd the space with dank... but I don't have the first hand experience that some of you do.

Please, any advice would be great, hints, tips, tricks...
I am also thinking of using lemon juice for pH down as my lemon tree outside exploded the last month or two and its free and natural and the fish tank pH stuff I got just doesn't seem to dissolve or do that much! AND it's just another chemical instead of something natural and FREE!

Advice??? on any of this??? if you could be arsed reading it and/or the grow journal?

Thanks in advance.


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She won't be in pre-flower until after you switch the lights to 12/12.

HPS is the industry standard. LEDs and T5s are also popular choices of lighting.

Well worth considering, if taking ventilation, heat and electric bill into account.

Your grow space is almost the same size as the cabs I use, so I can tell you

you have ample space for one plant - I'm growing 10 plants in a 1.0 x 0.3 x 1.3 m cab.

Hope this helps


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thanks, I am slowly figuring out how many I can pack into the tent.
I now have 4 clones, of which I am expecting one at least to not survive, no roots after 2 weeks, and she is yellowing at the bottom of the stem. and 7 germed seeds! the clones are under a 48w 5000k cfl and the seedlings are under a double 18W daylight 2 foot batten.
Temps in there seem to range between 23 and 25c so I reckon that is about perfect!
I took the seedlings out of the incubator as it is mainly for clones I just didn't want anything drying out before it could sprout!
Pics will be updated today in the journals I am going to go shopping and have lunch, then take some more pix of the seedlings which should be more advanced than yesterdays, then I will post them all in one hit.
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