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First rooted cutting after many many try's:D


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OMG guys I have been trying to clone my mother plant for the last 3 months!!
used pretty much every method i found info on here for, without success:(

However this morning after i opened up one of my peat pellets to see if I had
roots, what did i see, yes the start of some rootage, more than over the moon!!!

I was using a organic rooting gel before wich I dont think was all that, now have switched to non organic powder and peat pellets, humidity dome with
paper towel over the top to mask some light out aswell

Happy toking all .

P.s - can I call myself a proper gardener now?! :439:


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peat pellets could be the prob too. They are known to hold too much moisture and cause the stems to rot instead of roots forming. Stop opening them up to look too. Either learn patience or never be called a
"proper" gardener. :3:
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It was probly just your rooting hormone...Clone-ex and Olivias work the best from personal experience.

i think so too, as it smelt like the worst turd you've ever had!! ahahaha
I only opened one as that was one i did for a test so i could open it up, im learning patience though,.. slowly :D

How long should I wait know then after I have started seeing those white nodules popping out before I repot?


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Well, just for closure it is day 15 today and I have roots poking out the sides of the peat pellets, so i transplanted :D

Cheers all..
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