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First soil grow


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I had a quick question. Would it hurt the bubblegum clones (see previous pictures) if I transplanted them into bigger pots and put them under the 1000MH . I have to transplant the blueberry's asap cause the roots are coming out of the bottom of the 4 inch pots like crazy, and I dont want to keep the bubblegums under the 125 floro because then the blueberrys will definately outgrow them. The thing is I dont know if the larger light will help the little plants or stress them more. How far should I have the plants from the light so they dont stretch. Thanks guys, i need help fast cause I am planning on transplanting later tonight.

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Bubblegum is burnt but its really not as bad as it looks. They are fresh clones recently rooted? So you loose a week in veg, big deal.
1/4 strengh is the way to go but as Roorman says, since you are in soil stop using nutes until plants are growing upwards then use 1/4 strengh for two weeks after upward growth is recognized.
And stay with the flouros, the HID will crisp your plants more. You need a healthier clone before you can go with the more powerful light.
The key is to see upward growth, (2 to 4 inches would be a good sign)
And 2.5 feet is a good height. 3 foot is also good if upper leaf tips yellow. (Those 1000 watters are hot, even with a cool air reflector.) You can go lower with a good a/c unit.
Transplant Bubblegum once they look healthy again.


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My bad, my bad....Yeah I would like to see some of the pics from the blueberry harvest too. Its hard to say this because I dont mean to offend, but the Blueberry didnt get to live up to its potential.


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Yeah guys, I harvested, some pics have been uploaded but waiting approval. Im tired, ill get back on in the morning.
I know i messed them up pretty bad, but hopefully they will still smoke good, they looked pretty potent as I was trimming them. The blueberry i grew in the bloombox was nasty though. Best tasting weed I have ever had by far.


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Well atleast the plant wasnt too bad. I hope it treats you good! Good luck with the bubblegum and watch out for nute burn, it seems to be your weakness judging by your pictures. Just remember when you see signs of a burn like that always flush your plants and ask questions later.


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Thanks herban. I took your advice and only put the plants under the HID that had good vertical growth. I still transplanted the smaller ones but they are still under the floro. Here are some pics of the harvested buds.

A bubblegum bud

Another bubblegum bud

Four blueberry plants

More bluebery

So after last night I am pretty excited and hope to get at least an ounce per plant. Will post more pics of the dried buds in a couple of days.

Also one last question. Anyone know something good I can spray on my plants to make sure no bugs will get on them. I have dogs and I don't want any bad guys hitching a ride. My dog likes to sunbathe under the light.


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I have to keep the door to the closet open or the light will bring the temp up to around 100 degrees. My dog doesent go in there all the time, just every now and then. Glad to say the transplanting went well. The plants dont look like they got shocked at all. Will have some more pics up in a little bit. Next time I water the plants I will mix the nutrients ti 1/4 solution strength. I will use the veg strength for the plants under the 1000MH and the general purpose, mild strength for the ones still under the floro. Any good ideas on the pH that that the nutrient water should be.


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Ok, so I rigged up a sheet that hangs down in the doorway so the dogs cant get near the plants. As for neem oil, where could I find that. I just wanted to be sure that no unwanted critters can get in. My dog does have flea medication too. I have seen some roaches so I will definately be getting some traps for them, as well as for flying insects. Pictures were approved, so here we go.

One screen from the dryer, all blueberry

The second screen, the darker buds on the left are the bubblegum plant. There is a string seperating them, you might be able to see it. More blueberry on the right.

The last screen, all blueberry.

My blueberry mother. She looks healthy doesn't she?

Another vegging blueberry under the 1000MH, again looks pretty healthy.

A bubblegum under the floro. Showing some vertical growth.

Another bubblegum under the floro. Vertical growth as well.

The meter that I use to test soil moisture and pH. Is this a good product, anyone else have any experience with it. I water when the moisture meter is around 2, and then after watering the meter will go up to four and I will wait till it hits 2 again before I water. Is this a good. Am I watering too often or too little?

The bottom of the pot from one of the plants I harvested. Probably could have used a 5 gallon pot.

This plant didn't bottom out quite like the other one.

So I am thinking about using coco coir for my next grow. One of my main questions is if it is reuseable. I dont know if my local grow store has it and I dont want to have to order tons of it.

One more thing, judging by the pictures does anyone have an estimate of how much I will get. I would love to hear guesses. You guys rock. Im out till later. Peace.


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Ok so i just took a couple more pics of the babies, and they got approved really quickly, so here they are. And you get a bonus shot of my new bong.

These are under the 1000W MH. The big ones are the blueberrys and the smaller ones are the bubblegums. I think Ill be giving them their first dose of nutrients tomorrow.

Here are the other bubblegums under the 125W floro. A couple are showing some growth and a couple are showing that they might start soon. The two in the little pots I am probably going to trash. I need to get a fan in there cause all the air movement they have is the A/C and the exaust fan out of my bathroom. The soil is still pretty moist and i dont want any rootrot.

Heres my new baby. Three and a half feet, 4 perculaters(if thats how you spell it), all glass, its the shit. It just fucked us up nasty. Were naming it quad.

Well, im off guys. Have a good one.


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have you fixed those problems on the leaves already? and that's alot of pot man!

make sure to tell us the final dry weight


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Ok so I woke up this morning and a couple of leaves on a few blueberrys were looking a little deformed. Here are the pics.

I dont think its nutrient burn, they havent had nutrients in about a week. It might get to hot under the light, the max ive seen is 85 but it hangs around 80 most of the time, but the bubblegums dont seem to be affected. My guess is that they are transplant shocked or maybe getting a nutrient defficiency. I made a 1/4 strength nute solution and added 2 drops of superthrive. I watered the blueberrys with the veg strength and the bubblegums with the mild strength. Both 1/4 strength. I had runoff so I tested the pH of all the runoff water from each plant. The ranges were from 4.2 to 4.7, but the mother in the big white pot was 4.0pH. Is this normal, should i do anything to increase or decrease the pH of the runoff. The nutrient solution that I watered with was 7.0pH. Dont have any pH up or down at the moment.

Now there is some good news. A few of the smaller buds that are drying were dry enough to smoke, so me and my roomate rolled up a half eighter blunt.

We smoked it and were high like little kids for three hours. And its not even done drying yet. Im excited. Well please help me out with what is going on with my leafs. Thanks guys.
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