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First time autoflower grow with NLS Autoflower mix


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I'm doing my first autoflower grow. Fastbuds Crystal Meth & Smoothie. I'm using promix vegetable & herb as my substrate with earthworm castings, some bat guano, and Nature's Living Soil Autoflower Ammendment. I'm at day 10 of veg and I fed a light compost tea tonight. I checked the run off and it ph'd at 7.26. My soil ph meter said the substrate was around7.5. When I created my living soil mixture, it was ph of around 6.7. I would like to know if I should attempt to lower the soil ph level or leave it? I am using 2 Mars Hydro ts-600 lights. The Smoothie looks amazing. But the Crystal Meth is a little slower. I was thinking of sprinkling maybe 10 little pieces of aluminum sulfate on top of each 5 gal pot to lower ph back down? Can anyone please give me some advice about this? Thanks and I appreciate you guys!

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I can't help you myself, but you'll find lots of good information for soil growing in Emilya's award winning, just completed journal. Her paper, 'The Proper Way to Water a Potted Plant' is considered a must read for soil growers. Don't be afraid to ask her, either here by putting an @ in front of her name, or in one of her threads. She;s very good, both at growing and responding,
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