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First Time CFL Grow - Guidance Please!


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They look very good :goodjob:


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Hows it growing brother!?:) Any pics or updates on these ladies! I know they are even more beautiful now!! How did your topping go?


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Ok, so I am one week into flowering with two out of four plants! Everyone is looking healthy, but wanted to let the other two grow a bit more. Anyways, topping went well! I have one big plant that I hope to god is a female, we will see I guess....

First one is of the one plant I topped and is now in the flowering stage.
Second one is of my biggest plant....I am running out of room!
Third is a close up of the biggest plant underneath the canopy...can anyone tell the sex?
Fourth one is my other healthy plant!



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I will look into the water and soil pH. not trying to be lazy...just simple!

Yep. You got to have a basic idea of the PH.

some tap water can be like POISON to plants, you can bring it to any company that sells water filtration, bottled water or water softeners, they'll test for free. I'd start there, on the other hand, some people grow with tap water and have no problems, your call. Thanks for sharing! You're on the right path!

I am currently watering with "tap" water right from the sink. No journal on this grow. It is city water, closer to 8.0 PH. No problems so far.

back brace?
You would have 2 ropes at the bottom, each pulling in the opposite direction. It causes it to bend higher up the stem verses pulling the roots out.


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Happy Munchyday Arctic


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?? ......?? munchyday = monday was just wishing you a good day
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