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First Time Custom Soil Mix. Please Critique


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1. Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil - 1 Bag (1.5 Cubic Ft. /38.6 Dry Qts.)
2. Noble Worm Organics EWC - 1 Bag (1 Cubic Ft./25lbs./28 Liters)
3. Organic Generic Compost Soil. (1.5 Cubic Ft.)
4. Miracle Gro Perlite (Enriched With Miracle Go Plant Food) - 1 Bag (8 Qts.)
5. Greenbelt Organics Sea Bat Fusion Guano Seabird and Bat guano 50/50 mix - 3 Bag (6 lbs.)
6. Organic Blood Meal 2 Cups
7. Organic Bone Meal 2 Cups
8. Epsom Salt 1.5 cup

Using Well Water PPM 350 PH 7.5
Sent water out to be tested. Not back yet. does have metals in it I.E. Stains but very mild.

Didnt get lime since Im adding bone meal. SHould I? Can it be pelletized?
Am i using too much guano?
Do i need another bag of pearlite?
Should I ditch the generic compost soil?

Can this be used alone or do I need to put this in the bottom and fill rest with regular soil?
Is this too hot?

I have a jug of liquid Kelp and a jug of molasses.


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I'm not sure I would use the Miracle gro enriched perlite. Everything else you have is organic. Why not just use regular perlite and keep it all organic. Do you think it will have enough drainage? Seems to be a pretty high proportion of soil and amendments?


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The 3# of guano for 2 bags of soil strikes me as very strong & potent. I add ~1 tbsp./gal. when I mix the media. It lasts about a month before being mostly used up. I recommend a K source, plus your mycorrihizae (not much in the FFOF), bacteria, etc. Respect that you are mixing your custom mix.
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